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<poem style="font-family:monospace,Courier;background:#F2F2F2"> 22:24 ferdbold: Meeting is here, right? 22:24 legoktm: yup 22:24 ferdbold: \o/ 22:26 → dizquierdo (~dizquierd@2001:720:410:b202:9897:d127:9fcf:e1f8) has joined the channel. 22:28 qgil: 4 mentors have joined Google Melange in the past 15 minutes - only for this the meeting is already a success  ;) 22:28 → wctaiwan (~wctaiwan@wikipedia/wctaiwan) has joined the channel. 22:29 → sam007 (~holoirc@ has joined the channel. 22:29 (Niharika) \o/ 22:29 → msteve (~IceChat78@ has joined the channel. 22:29 wctaiwan: Niharika: will this be logged? 22:29 qgil: Niharika, I can send a couple of reminders in wikimedia-office that the meeting is here, just in case 22:30 ← jsco (617a7c0f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left IRC: (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) 22:30 (Niharika) wctaiwan: I'll post the logs after the meeting ends. 22:30 wctaiwan: okay, thanks. 22:30 (Niharika) qgil: Okay. 22:30 (Niharika) I could do that. 22:30 • andre__ waves� 22:31 → polybuildr (polybuildr@nat/iiit/x-ulqdkanprokgdygv) has joined the channel. 22:31 → jsalsman (61761c6a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 22:31 qgil: done 22:31 qgil: let's start here? 22:31 (Niharika) Yep. 22:31 qgil: Niharika, all yours 22:31 (Niharika) Okay. 22:31 → tinajohnson (uid25907@gateway/web/ has joined the channel. 22:31 • Niharika grabs the mike 22:31 (Niharika) mic* 22:32 (Niharika) Hello folks! We're here for the Outreachy/GSoC meeting. 22:32 (Niharika) Any mentors here? 22:32 → jps2 (61761c6a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 22:32 dizquierdo: me 22:32 Yaron: Yes. 22:32 tonythomas: :) 22:32 → ash__ (6f5dccfe@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 22:32 (Niharika) Great! 22:32 qgil: o/ 22:32 (Niharika) Any (prospective) interns here? 22:33 → s1991 (6725c9fc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 22:33 ayushi: Me 22:33 polybuildr: me 22:33 codezee: yes 22:33 tinajohnson: yes o/ 22:33 VcamX: hi 22:33 phoenix303: yes 22:33 (Niharika) Hi guys. 22:33 sam007: Hi 22:33 • polybuildr waves� 22:33 qgil: (wow) 22:33 → AYUSH (~Cipher@ has joined the channel. 22:33 impacific: o/ 22:33 ← guillom (~guillaume@wikimedia/guillom) has left the channel. 22:33 ash__: hi 22:33 (Niharika) Would you all like to take a moment and introduce yourselves? A sentence or two will do. 22:34 ← msteve (~IceChat78@ has left IRC: (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) 22:34 → happy5214 (~happy5214@wikipedia/happy5214) has joined the channel. 22:34 → msteve (~IceChat78@ has joined the channel. 22:34 ayushi: Hi. I am Ayushi Mrigen, 2nd year Undergrad student from IIT Kharagpur, India. 22:34 polybuildr: My name is Vivek. I've been contributing to MW from about December and I've submitted a proposal for the extension to identify and delete spam. 22:35 → ferdbold1 (~Adium@ has joined the channel. 22:35 jsalsman: Hi I'm James Salsman, I've been a GSoC mentor for R and CMU Sphinx since 2010 and am trying to get a co-mentor for� 22:35 ← ferdbold (~Adium@ has left IRC: (Read error: No route to host) 22:35 ayushi: I have submitted a proposal on Extensive and robust localization file format coverage for Translate extension 22:35 qgil: co-mentor of Newsletter extension project idea (also former org admin, now helping Niharika in her new role) 22:35 tinajohnson: Hi everyone, I'm Tina Johnson. I've been working on the Newsletter extension project. 22:35 sam007: Hi I am Sampad undergrad from NITSurathkal,India 22:36 AYUSH: hi, i am Ayush Garg, 2nd year undergrad student from IIT Patna, India and i have submitted a proposal on "one stop translation search" 22:36 tonythomas: Hello, I am Tony Thomas, works with mediawiki bounces, now mentoring for , the Newsletter extension with quim� 22:36 s1991: Hello, this is Sarvesh pre-final year graduate from India. This will be my experience with GSoC, first time with Wikimedia though 22:36 ← ferdbold1 (~Adium@ has left IRC: (Client Quit) 22:36 dizquierdo: Hi there, this is Daniel, I'm involved in korma metrics ( and pushing the potential GSoC project to allow identities updates�� 22:36 Pmlineditor: Hi, I'm Pmlineditor and I've (just) submitted a proposal for Multilingual SMW 22:36 → ferdbold (~Adium@ has joined the channel. 22:36 impacific: Hi Im Prashant, final year student RCOEM, India 22:36 (Niharika) Hello. I'm Niharika. I'm a first-time org-admin for Wikimedia. And ex-gsoc and ex-outreachy intern. 22:36 ash__: Hello,I am Arindam Padhy a 2nd year undergrad from IIIT bhubaneswar ,India and i have submitted a proposal for the extension to identify and delete spams. 22:36 sam007: Hello 22:36 phoenix303: Hi I am Dibya Singh and I have been contributing to MediaWiki for few months now 22:36 ankita-ks: Hi, My name is Ankita. I am new to open source. I have been looking around at various aspects of mediaiwiki since February. I have submitted a proposal for Unified language proofing tools integration framework. 22:36 (Niharika) Pmlineditor: What's your real name? 22:37 jsalsman: legoktm: back in 2009, the predecessor project was on your strategy wiki list of favoritesw 22:37 Pmlineditor: My real name is Prachatos Mitra 22:37 andre__: Hi, I'm Andre and I maintain Wikimedia's bug tracker tool "Phabricator". I'm member of Wikimedia's Engineering Community Team. 22:37 (Niharika) Pmlineditor: Ah. Okay. :) 22:37 → Armada_ (0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 22:37 (Niharika) Nice to meet everyone! 22:37 (Niharika) I'll give out the customary links. for GSoC and for Outreachy. I hope all our candidates have already been through these. (If not, read them now)�� 22:37 msteve: Hi, Am stephen frm Makerere University, Uganda and am applying for GraphData extension for VisualEditor 22:38 ferdbold: Hi there, I'm Frédéric Bolduc from Chicoutimi, Quebec. Second year in video game development, although I completed a degree in web development before that. New to open source, ready to learn! 22:38 (Niharika) I hope everyone here has completed/almost completed their proposals. 22:39 tinajohnson: yeah 22:39 phoenix303: yep 22:39 ankita-ks: almost there. 22:39 (Niharika) The deadline for GSoC submission is 27th March, 1900 UTC. 22:39 legoktm: jsalsman: huh? 22:39 (Niharika) So make sure your proposal is in Melange by then. 22:39 → ferdbold_ (cea7d5fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 22:39 (Niharika) Your phabricator proposal task is more important than the melange one. 22:39 sam007: Yes it is up 22:39 ash__: Yup 22:39 ayushi: Yep 22:39 (Niharika) You don't need to keep both updated. 22:40 AYUSH: ok 22:40 tonythomas: so, we are caring only/mostly about the phab task, right ? 22:40 legoktm: Also, hi I'm legoktm and mentoring the static analysis for MediaWiki project (with addshore) and Flow support for pywikibot (with jayvdb) 22:40 ash__: I have submitted 22:40 (Niharika) Also, make sure you have clearly mentioned what microtasks have you completed and which ones you are working on. 22:40 (Niharika) tonythomas: Yep. 22:40 jsalsman: legoktm: sorry, I mistook you for someone else 22:40 polybuildr: It is necessary for all applicants to submit their proposal on phab, right? 22:40 wctaiwan: yes. 22:41 (Niharika) This is a fun read for our new participants. � 22:41 qgil: (including mentors) 22:41 ← ferdbold (~Adium@ has left IRC: (Read error: Connection reset by peer) 22:41 (Niharika) And is our selection process guidelines. � 22:41 (Niharika) For people who have applied for both GSoC and Outreachy, we'll first evaluate you for GSoC. 22:42 (Niharika) I hope everyone eligible for both has applied to both. 22:42 ankita-ks: yes 22:42 ayushi: Yeah 22:42 tinajohnson: yes 22:42 (Niharika) Good. 22:43 (Niharika) Feel free to ask any questions. 22:43 qgil: I will need to leave soon, but there is one thing I want to make sure everybody understands 22:43 qgil: This is an important URL for everybody:� 22:44 qgil: We do our best to keep common standards across GSoC and Outreachy and across all mentors and projects proposals 22:44 → superm401 (~matthew@wikipedia/Superm401) has joined the channel. 22:44 qgil: and this is why we try to agree with all the mentors on the documents linked there 22:44 qgil: the lessons learned and the evaluation process 22:44 qgil: have gone through several iterations, and we keep fine tuning them 22:45 qgil: if you want to cause the best impression to your mentors, learn what we ask them to value 22:45 Yaron: While you're at it, could you respond to the questions on the "lessons learned" talk page? 22:45 qgil: ... which is actually nothing else that what we believe that makes good team members and good open source contributors 22:45 qgil: That's it.  :) 22:46 ferdbold_: Is it possible to complete the microtask after the application deadline? I want to make sure I have time to complete mine properly 22:46 qgil: Yaron, good point. Will do later today. :D 22:46 → sitic (~quassel@wikipedia/siric) has joined the channel. 22:47 (Niharika) ferdbold_: Yes. But make sure your proposal mentions the microtask you are working on. 22:47 ferdbold_ is now known as ferdbold 22:47 sam007: Same question from me as asked by ferdbold_ 22:47 qgil: (need to go now, sorry!) 22:47 (Niharika) ferdbold_: And let your mentor know. Because s/he's going to evaluate your proposal. 22:48 ← qgil (~qgil@ has left IRC: (Quit: Leaving) 22:48 ferdbold: Ok nice! I'm sure I'm not the only one with hard deadlines to meet this week ;) 22:48 ferdbold: Sure, will do. 22:48 (Niharika) Okay. Remember, the microtasks are a *major* part of your proposal. 22:48 andre__: (Still it is highly recommended to provide a small contribution //prior to// applying. Just saying :-) 22:48 (Niharika) So do not forget to work on them. 22:48 ferdbold: Yeah I know, that's why I'm asking 22:48 ferdbold: The brunt of my microtask work would have to be done after the application deadline anyways :/ 22:49 sam007: Thanks 22:49 (Niharika) Any more questions there? (This is turning out to be way shorter than I thought) 22:50 (Niharika) sitic: It'd be great if you could introduce yourself too. :) 22:50 andre__: Yeah, normally there's more questions. Don't be shy, just ask, we all learn here! Or maybe this year everybody is just perfectly prepared? :P 22:50 polybuildr: The wiki pages and phabricator have been pretty clear about what we should be doing. :) So there's probably not much confusion that needs to be sorted out. 22:50 polybuildr: andre__: That's probably what happened, imho. :P 22:50 legoktm: andre__: or just haven't had our coffee yet :P 22:51 ankita-ks: Yes, exactly. Most questions have been answered by now. 22:51 (Niharika) Great. Looks like our new proposals system was a success. 22:51 ayushi: Agreed :) 22:51 tonythomas: true. but creates tonnes of emails :) 22:51 ash__: correct 22:51 happy5214: Quick question. 22:51 (Niharika) tonythomas: Turn the email notifications off. :P 22:51 (Niharika) happy5214: Shoot. 22:51 jsalsman: Niharika: what do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of co-mentoring� 22:52 sitic: oh hey everyone, I'm a physics student in germany and have proposed a cross-wiki oauth watchlist, see� 22:52 (Niharika) Well, honestly, jsalsman, I'm not the right person to comment on it. 22:52 tonythomas: Niharika: haha :) will do 22:52 sitic: still looking for possible mentors :-/ 22:52 • sitic is sorry for beeing late� 22:52 happy5214: I got a late start to the process. What's the latest I can submit a proposal and still realistically get accepted? 22:52 jsalsman: Niharika: I am interested in your opinion, and your opinion of who is the right person 22:53 (Niharika) Well, sitic here is looking for mentors. So a BIG SHOUT to anyone interested in a standalone cross-wiki watchlist. 22:53 andre__: jsalsman: Wasn't that already covered by the public call for more comments in (which didn't result in more comments, I'm afraid)?� 22:54 jsalsman: happy5214: the student application deadline is this Friday, but I would say tomorrow to be on the safe side 22:54 (Niharika) happy5214: Okay, that's a good question. Realistically speaking, you'll need to put in a truckload of work in the next two days and finish at least one/two programming tasks and make a proposal. The proposal is editable post deadline, so it's not the big issue. Setting up the dev environment might take some time. 22:55 jsalsman: andre__: there were advantages, but the disadvantages were limited to "not enough discussion" 22:55 happy5214: I already have a Vagrant instance on my laptop. Does that help? 22:55 wctaiwan: mediawiki-vagrant? 22:55 andre__: jsalsman: I interpret that differently, see : "experienced contributors like Bawolff or Risker are pointing to problems"� 22:55 (Niharika) jsalsman: Sorry, I won't be able to offer any helpful comments on that. qgil is the boss. 22:55 superm401: happy5214, yes, if you have MediaWiki-Vagrant that should be most of the dev env setup (maybe all for some microtasks). 22:56 (Niharika) happy5214: Yes. mw-vagrant would be the best place to start. 22:56 (Niharika) happy5214: You might want to give up on sleep for the next two days. :P 22:57 jsalsman: Bawolff wanted to know what the advantages and disadvantages to the editing community were before the system is built, but I'm not sure which of Risker's concerns were not addressed 22:58 ferdbold: Will all accepted proposals be announced only on April 27, or is it just a hard deadline? 22:58 ferdbold: (meaning some could be announced before that) 22:58 (Niharika) ferdbold: Nope. Nothing will be announced before then. 22:58 ← superm401 (~matthew@wikipedia/Superm401) has left IRC: (Read error: Connection reset by peer) 22:58 ankita-ks: happy5214 : I could be wrong but you could get things done quicker if you set up a local installation of mediawiki rather than on vagrant. Easier to debug and easier to get help. 22:59 wctaiwan: jsalsman: I glanced at the proposal; I think you pretty much need to have a wiki's community commit to "sure, we're willing to try this" before you get anyone working on it. 22:59 ankita-ks: But then again, it could be just me. :| 22:59 → superm401 ( has joined the channel. 22:59 ← superm401 ( has left IRC: (Changing host) 22:59 → superm401 (~matthew@wikipedia/Superm401) has joined the channel. 22:59 wctaiwan: it probably won't be enwiki 22:59 (Niharika) So don't try to wrangle out information from your mentors. (It's against the rules!) 22:59 tinajohnson: Just a quick question, when you say you can work on microtasks even after the deadline, how long can we actually keep working on them ? 22:59 wctaiwan: otherwise you might end up with a completely product that can't be deployed. 22:59 ferdbold: Also, would it be possible for multiple people to be accepted for the same project and work together for the summer? 22:59 ← Armada_ (0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left IRC: (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) 22:59 happy5214: ankita-ks: I have that too. 23:00 ferdbold: Got it, Nikarika, I'll play by the rules haha 23:00 ankita-ks: should be good then :) 23:00 ash__: yeah i too have the same query to make 23:00 ayushi: And is it possible for a set of mentors to mentor more than one project? 23:00 jsalsman: wctaiwan: I agree. I am thinking about simple 23:00 (Niharika) tinajohnson: Okay, so there's no *exact date* but your mentor(s) will review your proposal sometime after the application period ends. You want to make sure your major microtasks are in by then. 23:00 jsalsman: lots of the simplewiki articles are more out of date than enwiki 23:00 (Niharika) ayushi: Yes, it is possible. 23:01 (Niharika) Especially if they have a good mentoring track record. Nike and Nemo do. 23:01 ← polybuildr (polybuildr@nat/iiit/x-ulqdkanprokgdygv) has left IRC: (Remote host closed the connection) 23:01 tinajohnson: Niharika: ah! also to say a microtask is completed I suppose you have to get the patch submitted ? Or just under review is fine too ? 23:01 AYUSH: would it be possible for the two people selected for the same project , one through GSOC and other through outreachy?? 23:01 andre__: (Lego also mentors two projects) 23:02 tinajohnson: ^I meant accepted not submitted 23:02 legoktm: yes hello :) 23:02 → polybuildr (polybuildr@nat/iiit/x-jafbeuujkcwyskru) has joined the channel. 23:02 wctaiwan: andre__: also last year. 23:02 wctaiwan: lego's amazing like that. 23:02 legoktm: two projects which no one has applied for yet :( 23:02 legoktm: :> 23:03 (Niharika) tinajohnson: Well, we'd like it that the patch is merged usually. But if it's a big patch and a couple of people have reviewed it and it does the basic stuff fine, then under review works too. 23:03 (Niharika) happy5214: legoktm's projectes need students! 23:03 andre__: tinajohnson, If the microtask is a patch, then it should be in Gerrit and preferably be merged. It's more about getting an impression that the applicant has played with the code and to see there's a basic understanding. 23:03 (Niharika) AYUSH: Nope, that is not possible. 23:03 (Niharika) AYUSH: Only one student per project. 23:04 tinajohnson: andre__: ok 23:04 ash__: is it possible that two students work on the same project? 23:04 (Niharika) ash__: Nope. 23:04 AYUSH: Niharika: ok 23:04 ash__: okkie 23:06 (Niharika) Any more questions? 23:06 ← darkdragon (0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left IRC: (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) 23:06 (Niharika) Bonus points for asking silly questions, so don't be afraid. 23:06 andre__: Ask! Don't be shy! And no question is "stupid" or such, no worries please! 23:06 polybuildr: What happens if a student applies for two MW projects? 23:07 ayushi: So we'll get to know if our proposal is selected or not on April 27th right? 23:07 happy5214: legoktm: Perhaps your Flow/pywikibot project, if I can get myself qualified to do it? 23:07 jsalsman: who has mediawiki-utilities bot experience? 23:07 (Niharika) polybuildr: The mentors fight over the student. Nope kidding. We pick you for the project that's more important. Right, andre__? 23:07 ferdbold: I had trouble installing git-review earlier because the path to the commit-msg hook seemed to be wrong, is this a known bug? 23:07 (Niharika) ayushi: Yes, you'll get to know then. 23:07 → s1991_ (6725c9fc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 23:08 andre__: polybuildr, Niharika: whatever we think fits better when it comes to knowledge and resource allocation (cough, evil word), yeah. 23:08 ferdbold: I got it to work by manually downloading the file and placing it by hand in my git folder, so far it hasn't bugged out but I'm wondering if the issue was on my end 23:08 (Niharika) ferdbold: Ah. That's a question for #mediawiki. I'm not sure. I didn't have any such troubles. 23:08 andre__: ferdbold, more details welcome in #mediawiki, indeed 23:09 polybuildr: Niharika, andre__: I spoke to qgil about it a couple of days back, and he said I could provide a preference on Melange. 23:09 andre__: (I didn't have such issues with git-review on Fedora so far) 23:09 jsalsman: YuviPanda: you're #2 on� 23:09 ferdbold: Ok if my git melts down I'll ask there ;) 23:09 (Niharika) polybuildr: Yes, you could. 23:09 ankita-ks: I don't want to come off as a stalker but I haven't been able to contact aharoni for the last couple of days. I wanted some feedbacks about the proposal. Does anyone have an idea when he would be around? 23:09 legoktm: happy5214: I think you're qualified for it, but you should probably try one of the microtasks... we can talk in #pywikibot afterwards :) 23:09 andre__: polybuildr, ah nice 23:09 → _acs_ ( has joined the channel. 23:09 (Niharika) ankita-ks: Contacting your mentors is never stalking. :) 23:09 ferdbold: Will there be other meetups like this one during the summer? 23:10 (Niharika) ankita-ks: He hangs out on #mediawiki-i18n. Wait, I think he's travelling this week. Let me check. 23:10 andre__: ankita-ks, hmm, do you lurk in #mediawiki-i18n ? That's my best guess, Amire80 23:10 codezee: if microtasks are for assessing our familiarity with code, how would a track record of previous patches weigh? 23:10 → Armada_ (0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined the channel. 23:10 ankita-ks: No, i don't. i will from now. The number of unanswered pings - i was afraid i might get reported/ :P 23:10 (Niharika) ferdbold: If everyone likes having a meetup, sure! I'd love to arrange some more. Formal/informal ones. 23:11 ankita-ks: thanks! :) 23:11 ← s1991 (6725c9fc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left IRC: (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) 23:11 (Niharika) codezee: It'd weight in your favor. 23:11 ferdbold: I'd be down for them. It sure would be fun to know how everyone else are doing on their projects 23:11 andre__: ankita-ks, asking in public channels can be more effective than private pings sometimes, so others from a team / channel could tell you where the mentor is or when he's around 23:11 ankita-ks: of course. :) 23:12 andre__: codezee: if there is a track record in Wikimedia Gerrit already I'm pretty sure that mentors and org organizers look at it, sure 23:12 (Niharika) I think that's a great idea ferdbold. It could be motivational to learn about each other's progress. 23:12 legoktm: codezee: microtasks are helpful for a mentor to get an idea what it would be like to work with a student, just on a smaller scale. so quantity isn't that important, just the quality 23:12 • Niharika makes a note 23:12 ferdbold: Okay so if I only have limited time, a good advice would be to focus on one really microtask and then link earlier unrelated work rather than try to do 2 or 3 microtasks, right? 23:13 msteve: hi, what are microtasks and where to find them 23:13 ferdbold: one really good microtask* 23:13 (Niharika) ferdbold: Yeah. 23:13 andre__: msteve, applicants must provide a small contribution prior to applying. (Known as "microtask".) 23:13 jsalsman: oops that was a /msg for yuvipanda ^ 23:14 ← _acs_ ( has left the channel. 23:14 andre__: msteve, either the mentors of the task you are interested in might have some microtasks in mind, or on a very general level there is also� 23:14 (Niharika) msteve: You're late to the party. :) Start here:� 23:14 msteve: andre__ ok but where to fin these tasks 23:15 (Niharika) msteve: Click on the idea link you like. Read through. You'll find the microtasks listed at the end of the "Description". 23:15 ferdbold: Aside from mw-vagrant and git-review, any other tools I might need to install to be up and running? 23:16 (Niharika) ferdbold: A code editor? 23:16 andre__: ferdbold, don't think so from the top of my head, but should list everything� 23:16 ferdbold: Yeah that one I've got down already ;) 23:16 (Niharika) Good. 23:17 YuviPanda: hi Niharika. are there docs on what is expected off mentors? 23:17 (Niharika) ankita-ks: aharoni just appeared on #mediawiki-i18n. 23:17 (Niharika) YuviPanda: Moment. 23:18 ankita-ks: Niharika : thank you :) 23:18 (Niharika) YuviPanda: This lists the relevant info.� 23:19 (Niharika) Everyone here meet YuviPanda. He's done GSoC twice and now handles all the Labs stuff at Wikimedia. (Not the most accurate description) 23:19 YuviPanda: Niharika: ah, thank you 23:20 YuviPanda: :D 23:20 andre__: :D 23:20 (Niharika) So any more questions, folks? 23:21 (Niharika) If not, then that's it. Have fun with your proposals! GET THEM IN MELANGE BY MARCH 27th 1900 UTC. Don't forget that part. 23:21 ferdbold: Hey there 23:22 ferdbold: Oh, so just having them in Phabricator is not enough? 23:22 (Niharika) ferdbold: You need to have *something* into Melange. 23:22 (Niharika) A link to the phab task with your basic details will do to, if you're running out of time. 23:23 (Niharika) too* 23:23 YuviPanda: Niharika: hi. I’ve a question. So I volunteered to be one of the mentors for sitic (, but I’ll be unreachable for the next two days (moving continents!) is that ok?� 23:23 YuviPanda: Niharika: if he just puts a link to the phab ticket on melange, and we can work out details after? 23:24 Pmlineditor: Will a (more or less) copy/paste of parts of the phab task on melange suffice? 23:24 (Niharika) YuviPanda: Perfectly okay. 23:24 sitic: :-) 23:24 (Niharika) Pmlineditor: Yes, we're only looking at the phab tasks for evaluating. 23:24 ferdbold: Okay good 23:24 (Niharika) sitic: YuviPanda: We need another mentor. legoktm? 23:25 YuviPanda: Niharika: yeah, legoktm suggested bawolff, and I’ve asked sitic to email him. 23:25 YuviPanda: Niharika: although, if legoktm is free he could definitely be co-mentor too. 23:25 (Niharika) YuviPanda: Okay, great. 23:25 legoktm: Niharika: unless one of my other projects doesn't get a student maybe, but right now there's no way I'm doing 3 projects 23:25 (Niharika) legoktm: Right. 23:26 → spagewmf ( has joined the channel. 23:26 YuviPanda: Niharika: so can we have legoktm as a conditional mentor, conditional on his two other projects don’t get students? 23:26 (Niharika) YuviPanda: Yep. 23:26 ← rfarrand ( has left IRC: (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) 23:26 (Niharika) Not an issue. 23:27 YuviPanda: sitic: Niharika \o/ cool. 23:27 sitic: =) 23:27 YuviPanda: sitic: can you get something into melange, and then propose a breakdown of what you are going to be doing on the phab task? 23:27 (Niharika) :) 23:27 (Niharika) No more questions for me? 23:27 ash__: may i know who is the mentor for Improving static analysis tools for MediaWiki 23:27 sam007: Mentors for oauth integration project are they here 23:27 YuviPanda: Niharika: thanks for being org admin! 23:27 (Niharika) ash__: That would be....legoktm? 23:27 polybuildr: ash__:� 23:28 legoktm: ash__: hi! 23:28 polybuildr: legoktm and addshore 23:28 sitic: YuviPanda: of course, I'll do that in the next hours 23:28 (Niharika) YuviPanda: It's been quite fun so far. :) 23:29 (Niharika) sam007: Which one exactly? 23:29 ash__: sir can you brief me about your project 23:29 sam007: Oauth integration to pywikibot 23:30 andre__: sam007, #pywikibot channel? 23:30 legoktm: sam007: I don't think jayvdb is around (bad timing for him), but I might be able to answer questions 23:30 (Niharika) ash__: sam007: Let's talk over this after I wrap up the meeting, shall we? 23:30 ash__: okkie 23:30 legoktm: ash__: did you read the project task? is something unclear about it? 23:30 YuviPanda: sitic: cool :) 23:30 sam007: Niharika: ok 23:31 (Niharika) Okay, then, it's a wrap! Feel free to ping me/qgil/andre__ if you have questions. We'll be happy to help. 23:31 andre__: yes yes! 23:31 (Niharika) Good luck everyone! It was nice talking. 23:31 dizquierdo: Niharika, thanks for your time! 23:31 andre__: Good luck everybody! 23:31 (Niharika) dizquierdo: Thanks for yours. :) 23:31 YuviPanda: Niharika: andre__ thank you :)