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[21:58] <aude> hi
[21:59] <santhosh> hi aude
[21:59] <srikanthlogic> hi aude
[22:00] <siebrand> hullo!
[22:00] <srikanthlogic> Welcome to the Language Engineering team office hours of October 2012.
[22:01] <srikanthlogic> I am Srikanth L and I work as internationalization and localization outreach / QA Engineer with wikimedia language engineering team.
[22:02] <srikanthlogic> We will be holding office hours every third Wednesday of the month to make things a little more predictable.
[22:02] <srikanthlogic> This meeting lasts about an hour and will end at 17:30 UTC.
[22:03] <srikanthlogic> I'll give some updates with news and topics for this meeting first.
[22:03] <srikanthlogic> After that, we'll hopefully have a great Q&A session.
[22:04] <srikanthlogic> Please hold your questions until after the introduction. If you want to ask questions now, please do ask them in a private message to me.
[22:05] <srikanthlogic> Many of our team members are present today, so we're ready for loads of interaction!
[22:06] <srikanthlogic> The members of the Language Engineering team who are around are Nikerabbit (Niklas), aharoni|mobile (Amir), pginer (Pau), siebrand, santhosh and srikanthlogic We have a team page at (with an outdated photo)
[22:06] <srikanthlogic> Our topics for today are:
[22:07] <srikanthlogic> 1. Updates on the Universal Language Selector
[22:07] <srikanthlogic> 2. Project Milkshake - jquery.ime
[22:07] <srikanthlogic> 3. Other Updates / Q&A
[22:08] <srikanthlogic> Universal Language Selector is now available as a generic jquery component jquery.uls -
[22:10] <srikanthlogic> This means ULS can now be used outside of mediawiki land.
[22:10] <James_F> Nice.
[22:11] * srikanthlogic would love jquery.uls in homepage instead of language names hidden in smaller fonts
[22:12] * aude agrees :)
[22:13] <srikanthlogic> The ULS Mediawiki extension now uses this component along with jquery.webfonts and soon would also use jquery.ime
[22:14] <siebrand> There's an open issue in Mozilla's tracker for using ULS:
[22:14] <siebrand> It looks like they've recently found a volunteer for integrating it in their new website infrastructure.
[22:15] <srikanthlogic> do let your friends know if they have a good use case of using ULS. We would love to see our work beyond wikimedia projects as well :)
[22:17] <srikanthlogic> jquery.uls is now fully internationalized and hence ULS Extension is localizable now.
[22:18] <srikanthlogic> We also fixed quite a few bugs in ULS and are currently working on integrating input method (jquery.ime) into the ULS.
[22:21] <srikanthlogic> We are also starting to prepare for deployment of ULS in wikimedia wikis
[22:22] <srikanthlogic> any questions on ULS?
[22:25] <srikanthlogic> if there isn't any questions on ULS, I shall move on to jquery.ime
[22:26] <alolita> srikanth: let's move to jquery.ime
[22:27] <srikanthlogic> As most of you might already know Wikimedia languages wikis have been using input method extension Narayam for inputing non latin script for sometime now.
[22:28] <alolita> srikanth: how many ime are we supporting now
[22:28] <srikanthlogic> jquery.ime is Milkshake component which makes this functionality as a standalone jquery component.
[22:29] <srikanthlogic> We have just completed developing jquery.ime
[22:30] <srikanthlogic> you can see a demo of jquery.ime at
[22:30] <alolita> srikanthlogic: have we ported all the input methods from narayam to jquery.ime?
[22:30] <srikanthlogic> alolita: yes, all the input methods present in Narayam have been ported to jquery.ime
[22:31] <srikanthlogic> the demo link probably runs a older copy, santhosh can confirm it
[22:32] <santhosh> yes, one day old
[22:32] <YairRand> so... what is it supposed to do?
[22:33] <srikanthlogic> YairRand: you can input non-latin text using transliteration / rule based keymaps
[22:33] <YairRand> I selected "Cyrillic" and typed, and it didn't do anything
[22:35] <YairRand> "Deutsch" doesn't seem to do anything either, though I don't know what that would be supposed to do
[22:35] <srikanthlogic> YairRand: cyrillic has just a few rules, try typing 'l' after selecting cyrillic ?
[22:35] <YairRand> doesn't do anything
[22:36] <aharoni|sony> This Cyrillic layout is for languages.of the caucasus
[22:36] <aharoni|sony> They only need one special character
[22:36] <siebrand> German works for me. Type "~a" that will change into "ä"
[22:37] <siebrand> I don't know the Cyrillic mapping.
[22:37] <srikanthlogic> contains detailed information on how it works, how to add new keymaps etc
[22:39] <srikanthlogic> YairRand: PM me after the chat if you still have issues, we will resolve / file a bug :)
[22:40] <srikanthlogic> We are now working towards integrating jquery.ime into ULS
[22:40] <srikanthlogic> any questions on jquery.ime ?
[22:43] <alolita> srikanthlogic: we have another 15 minutes so let's move to the next topic
[22:43] <srikanthlogic> Some updates briefly
[22:44] <srikanthlogic> planemad and pginer have completed with suggestions to improve the translation workflow
[22:45] <srikanthlogic> Nikerabbit has started on a plan to implement the UI/UX improvements
[22:46] <srikanthlogic> We also worked on integrating Translate extension with Central Notice to make the work flow easier
[22:47] <Nikerabbit> unfortunately we were not able to finish the integration completely
[22:48] <srikanthlogic> The Language Engineering team will be India early next month for and
[22:49] <srikanthlogic> We will be presenting our work with other language engineering teams from Redhat, Mozilla and others at the Pune Language Summit
[22:49] <alolita> We will also be working with other open source project language engineers on bug fixes, features, tools
[22:50] <alolita> during the Language Summit
[22:50] <alolita> The program is still being finalized but should be updated tomorrow
[22:50] <srikanthlogic> If you are a developer in Bangalore / India, do register for the devcamp and come work along with us building tools / fixing bugs / improving language support
[22:50] <srikanthlogic> mgharish: ^
[22:51] <alolita> Also if you are a i18n or L10n developer with PHP or JS skills we are hiring :-)
[22:51] <alolita> Currently we are looking for a top notch Javascript developer for the language engineering team :-)
[22:52] <srikanthlogic> We are also looking forward to meet with Indic community at Pune and Bangalore. do signup at /
[22:52] <srikanthlogic> We have 8 minutes to go, feel free to shoot your questions
[22:54] <siebrand> Either we're doing everythingg right and there are no questions are all, no one is interested, no one is actually listening, or it's plain boring and everyone left.
[22:54] * siebrand looks confused.
[22:55] <aude> sorry, distracted
[22:55] <aude> yes you are doing everything right :)
[22:57] <alolita> hi aude
[22:57] <alolita> we have another 2 minutes for questions
[22:58] <srikanthlogic> you can always mail us through though :)
[22:58] <alolita> yup or ping any of us on irc #mediawiki-i18n
[22:59] <srikanthlogic> The next office hours will be on November 14th, 16:30 UTC.
[22:59] <srikanthlogic> Our latest progress report is at
[23:00] <srikanthlogic> Thanks everyone for being here.