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IRC office hours/Office hours 2013-09-20

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Chat on FDC Proposal Process
Wednesday 19 September 2013
0100-0130 UTC

Jamesofur: Hey all, I know we had a lot of people at the last office hours on this topic (yesterday) so not sure how many will be here today but if you are: We're talking about FDC Proposals and KatyLove is here to give a bit of an intro and answer any questions people may have.
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[5:01pm] KatyLove: Thanks @Jamesofur ! Yes, I am here and ready to talk annual plan grants / FDC proposals.
[5:02pm] KatyLove: Jamesofur
[5:02pm] KatyLove: you're right.
[5:02pm] KatyLove: No more @ for me!
[5:02pm] KatyLove: Why don't we start by seeing who's in the room?
[5:02pm] KatyLove: I'm Katy Love, and I work with the Funds Dissemination Committee--FDC.
[5:02pm] KatyLove: Are there any potential applicants in the room?
[5:03pm] KatyLove: Entities thinking about applying to the FDC?
[5:03pm] KatyLove: What about FDC members?
[5:04pm] KatyLove: We did suspect this would be a relatively low turnout, but I'll start with some basics to share with anyone reading the logs.
[5:04pm] KatyLove: Or paying attention and being quiet.
[5:04pm] KatyLove: The FDC eligibility process kicked off long ago.
[5:04pm] Jamesofur: Bueller? <bad american centric joke>
[5:04pm] KatyLove: <not so bad a joke, I laughed>
[5:04pm] KatyLove: <but yes, American centric>
[5:04pm] KatyLove: the results of eligibility were published recently on September 15.
[5:05pm] KatyLove: This table outlines exactly who is eligible to apply.
[5:05pm] KatyLove: You can see it here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/FDC_portal/Eligibility_status/Current_round#fdc-status-table
[5:05pm] KatyLove: The next upcoming deadline is the proposal deadline.
[5:06pm] KatyLove: The deadline to submit any proposal to the FDC for an annual plan grant for Round 1 2013-2014 is:
[5:06pm] KatyLove: OCTOBER 1 !
[5:06pm] KatyLove: End of day UTC
[5:06pm] KatyLove: We are really grateful to all the entities for the hard work they've been doing on their proposals.
[5:07pm] KatyLove: All proposals must be created on the FDC portal through the "proposal creation tool."
[5:07pm] KatyLove: FDC portal is here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/FDC_portal
[5:07pm] KatyLove: So Jamesofur - if you were an applicant, what would you like to know ?
[5:07pm] Jamesofur: I think the biggest question I'd have is how much detail you should have in a proposal
[5:08pm] KatyLove: Good question.
[5:08pm] • Finnegan settles down in a chair to watch this comedy duo
[5:08pm] Jamesofur: We try Finnegan
[5:08pm] KatyLove: In general, these proposals are pretty long documents.
[5:08pm] KatyLove: They are based on annual plans, which entities develop with their communities.
[5:08pm] KatyLove: Lots of the hard work goes into creating the annual plan, and then that is fed into the FDC proposal.
[5:08pm] Jamesofur: Do they have to be in English?
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[5:09pm] KatyLove: The detail is helpful in that it can share how an organization is thinking about approaching their work. We expect things to change with time of course, though. Entities often reflect that their original strategy doesn't meet their current needs, so entities aren't tied down to their original proposal requests.
[5:09pm] KatyLove: Yes, Jamesofur, they do need to be in English.
[5:10pm] KatyLove: We don't like that either. But it is the current state of affairs. We've been thinking through some creative solutions, but none is ideal.
[5:10pm] KatyLove: One thing I'd share with anyone looking for some advice about how to write a great application would be here:
[5:10pm] KatyLove: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/FDC_portal/FDC_recommendations/2012-2013_round1 and https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/FDC_portal/FDC_recommendations/2012-2013_round2
[5:10pm] KatyLove: Those are the FDC's previous two rounds of recommendations. There, you can see what they've been excited and concerned about.
[5:10pm] KatyLove: I'd also recommend taking a look at the Board's guidance to the FDC in April
[5:11pm] KatyLove: https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Minutes/2013-04-18#Guidance_for_the_FDC
[5:11pm] KatyLove: Those three pages have really good information on them about what entities should consider when writing their proposals.
[5:11pm] Jamesofur: Are there limits on what can be planned for either volunteers or staff (is it ok to say that X will be done by a volunteer or a staff member for all varieties of X or are there some things that the FDC would expect to be 'volunteer only' or 'chapter staff/contractor only' )
[5:11pm] KatyLove: And finally, the most critical document for the FDC is of course the FDC Framework :https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Funds_Dissemination_Committee/Framework_for_the_Creation_and_Initial_Operation_of_the_FDC
[5:11pm] KatyLove: No Jamesofur, there are no limits on that particular issue.
[5:12pm] KatyLove: In general, we see entity staff doing work to help volunteers do the work they really want to do. Staff does boring stuff, volunteers do fun stuff.
[5:12pm] KatyLove: Ultimately the FDC wants to support activities and work that advance the movement goals.
[5:13pm] Jamesofur: If you have questions that aren't answered on the pages where should they be asked?
[5:13pm] KatyLove: What other questions are there out there?
[5:13pm] KatyLove: The most important thing I can leave you with is this:
[5:14pm] KatyLove: the FDC staff is always here to help people understand the FDC process. you can reach us at FDCsupport@wikimedia.org and we are happy to have a phone conversation, IRC, skype chat, hangout, etc.
[5:14pm] KatyLove: The other most important thing I can leave you with is: proposals are due Oct 1 end of day UTC, and that's a hard deadline.
[5:14pm] Jamesofur: What if I want to talk with the FDC members themselves?
[5:15pm] KatyLove: The FDC staff exists to help the entities understand the process, and so we are the first point of contact.
[5:16pm] KatyLove: Any feedback or thoughts or concerns we collect and share.
[5:16pm] KatyLove: Since the Committee is an all volunteer committee, as staff we try to take on that role as much as possible.
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[5:16pm] KatyLove: They face a really heavy load of work during the proposal review (as our applicants do during the propsal process), and we are really grateful to them for this.
[5:17pm] KatyLove: Hi Anasuya!
[5:17pm] KatyLove: Welcome to the IRC office hours with only me and @Jamesofur.
[5:17pm] marktraceur: There are all manner of lurkers, too!
[5:17pm] KatyLove: Hi lurkers!
[5:17pm] KatyLove: Welcome!!
[5:17pm] Anasuya: Hey Katy and all manner of lurkers!
[5:17pm] Jamesofur: Does the FDC Advisory group still have a role? Or is it all the FDC now?
[5:17pm] KatyLove: If anyone wants to submit a question to Jamesofur you are welcome to do so.
[5:17pm] • marktraceur sinks back below the surface
[5:18pm] KatyLove: Yes, Jamesofur, they are still active and do have a role
[5:18pm] Anasuya: No... don't go, marktraceur!
[5:18pm] Jamesofur: I will in fact send it to the channel but you can just ask in the channel too!
[5:18pm] KatyLove: (By the way, Jamesofur is asking these great questions totally unprompted!)
[5:18pm] marktraceur: I mean, I'm still *here*. I just don't have much to say re: FDC
[5:18pm] KatyLove: Fair 'nuff.
[5:18pm] KatyLove: So about the FDC Advisory Group:
[5:18pm] Anasuya: marktraceur:
[5:18pm] KatyLove: They are playing a monitoring role right now.
[5:18pm] KatyLove: They are going to be reconvening again next year to evaluate the two year pilot of the FDC.
[5:19pm] Jamesofur: What about members who were on the Advisory Group and are now on the FDC? DO they do both?
[5:19pm] Anasuya: No, those members resigned from the AG when they were selected to the FDC.
[5:19pm] KatyLove: Well this is quite a lively conversation! But…does anyone else want to ask a question?
[5:19pm] Jamesofur: ah cool
[5:19pm] KatyLove: Perhaps someone who is not sitting next to me....
[5:19pm] KatyLove:
[5:20pm] Anasuya: KatyLove: you mean I don't get to ask a question?
[5:20pm] KatyLove: A few have suggested that perhaps IRC office hours are not the best way to reach our audience. But I want to emphasize they are one of many ways we are reaching out to all the applicants who are interested in submitting FDC proposals.
[5:20pm] KatyLove: Anasuya, you are welcome to ask as many questions as you like.
[5:20pm] KatyLove: However, if I get them right, you must provide me with a treat.
[5:21pm] Anasuya: KatyLove: done.
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[5:21pm] Anasuya: And if there are folks (ahem, lurkers) who do have suggestions for other ways to reach out to those who might be interested, please let us know.
[5:21pm] KatyLove: Yes yes!
[5:22pm] KatyLove: 16 character limit for nicks, y'all...
[5:22pm] KatyLove: I didn't know.
[5:22pm] KatyLove: I once was blind, but now I see!
[5:22pm] Anasuya: KatyLove: LoveIsTestin would work...
[5:22pm] KatyLove: Anything more serious from anyone out there?
[5:23pm] KatyLove: Or is this doomed to most boring IRC conversation ever….
[5:23pm] KatyLove: Just kidding Jamesofur
[5:23pm] KatyLove: You've made it quite lively.
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[5:23pm] KatyLove: I'm going to assume most people interested in the FDC process are not here.
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[5:24pm] KatyLove: I have left this chat with some gems, no?
[5:24pm] KatyLove:
[5:24pm] KatyLove: Resources anyway...
[5:24pm] Jamesofur: People wounding what we'd talk about in private staff discussions finally know
[5:24pm] KatyLove: And again: FDCsupport@wikimedia.org for all your FDC questions!
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[5:26pm] Jamesofur: *wondering but you never know
[5:28pm] KatyLove: OK everyone! We've been here thirty minutes,
[5:28pm] KatyLove: and we've said some really interesting things.
[5:28pm] KatyLove: (right??)
[5:28pm] NativeForeigner: Yes!
[5:28pm] KatyLove: Thank you NativeForeigner !!!!!
[5:28pm] KatyLove: That is really nice of you to say.
[5:29pm] KatyLove: In any case, please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, feedback, etc.
[5:30pm] KatyLove: It's been fun to see you all here. IRC is fun.
[5:30pm] KatyLove: And with that, we're going to close this office hours.
[5:30pm] marktraceur: KatyLove: It happens 24 hours a day
[5:30pm] KatyLove: Yes, I know! It's so amazing!
[5:30pm] KatyLove: Quiz time to everyone paying attention (both of you):
[5:30pm] KatyLove: when did I first use IRC?
[5:30pm] KatyLove: Anyone? Anyone?
[5:31pm] KatyLove: No guesses. Well then I'll keep it to myself!
[5:31pm] KatyLove: Seriously--thanks to everyone who came and joined.
[5:31pm] NativeForeigner: Lol
[5:31pm] KatyLove: Thanks to Jamesofur for helping us get some good questions.
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[5:31pm] KatyLove: Thanks to Anasuya for being here.
[5:32pm] Anasuya: Jamesofur: Thanks, James!
[5:32pm] KatyLove: And thanks to everyone who is out there being awesome Wikimedians!
[5:32pm] Anasuya: And Katy!
[5:32pm] KatyLove: Take care and good morning / afternoon / evening!
[5:32pm] KatyLove: Check the IRC logs if you'd like to see this again.