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Chat on Office Hour and Google Hangout online round table session
2 March 2016
14:00 - 15:00 UTC

14:01:30 <Nikerabbit> #startmeeting Wikimedia Language office hour - March 2016
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14:02:37 <Nikerabbit> Welcome to the online+IRC office of the WMF Language team
14:02:46 <Nikerabbit> Our main conversation is happening on Google Hangout/youtube.
14:03:08 <Nikerabbit> view link
14:03:28 <Nikerabbit> We will be taking questions and interacting on the hangout chat and here on IRC
14:03:56 <Nikerabbit> me and kart_ will take questions
14:04:04 <Nikerabbit> Also, any conversation on this channel during our office hour will be logged and posted on Meta-Wiki
14:04:23 <kart_> hello :)
14:04:29 <Nikerabbit> #link
14:04:48 <Nikerabbit> Logs from our previous office hour sessions are at:
14:04:55 <Nikerabbit> #link
14:10:15 <Nikerabbit> for people joining, if you are for the meeting, we are streaming on
14:11:56 <Nikerabbit> I can take questions, or if you want to join the hangout on air, let me know in private message
14:14:39 <kart_> Thanks Nikerabbit.
14:29:47 <arrbee_> #link
14:30:44 <gyan> Let me join the hangout
14:32:52 <qunow> There're some words in medical/engineering field that have fixed translation. For those who are working via content translation in this aspect, I guess it'd be helpful tp let them create their own word bank and have some way to automatically replace words by the user wordbank? (Or is the feature already here just that I didn't aware of?)
14:36:34 <Nikerabbit> gyan: I sent you the link
14:37:36 <gyan> I can see the live stream but unable to make any conversation :(
14:43:12 <gyan> Well, I have got to know about the Content translation tool and tried to introduce to some of my fellow Wikimedians. I want to share some feedback and issues.
14:44:09 <kart_> gyan: you can also give feedback here.
14:44:56 <gyan> Well the feedback is they say it's easy to translate small article but while translating long articles it's an issue.
14:45:36 <kart_> gyan: if you think you've find a bug, feel free to report it too or
14:45:48 <kart_> gyan: thanks.
14:45:49 <gyan> Thanks
14:47:00 <kart_> gyan: Any specific issue you want to point out?
14:48:12 <kart_> gyan: also what is problem with joining hangout?
14:53:41 <qunow> btw I have a small issue with content translation for a few months which it keep showing links point to an incorrect wikipedia domain, see for details. Also, how to cobtrol what language appear as grey there?
14:58:56 <Nikerabbit> qunow: did that answer help you? The grey links are based on similar algorithm to ULS where it uses languages you have recently used or located to your geographic location.
14:59:22 <qunow> yup, thanks
15:01:39 <Nikerabbit> Thank you everyone for your participation.
15:01:49 <Nikerabbit> Our next office hour will most likely be during the month of June. Please watch out for our announcements.
15:02:16 <Nikerabbit> #endmeeting

Session video: