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iWiki Talk
The Demo

Hello, and welcome to the page for iWiki!

iWiki is a safe social environment that allows people to talk to each other; to connect and interact. No adult content is discussed, etc... Everything is appropiate for people of all ages. Compare to Myspace, or Facebook.

Uh... What is it?[edit]

iWiki is a fun social environment for people of all ages.On iWiki, users will be able to have their own pages, talk pages (called "Mailboxes"), and will be able to post messages in a forum.

Exactly HOW is This Supposed to Be Safe?[edit]

iWiki is safe because:

  • Users are instructed to pick a false, invented first and last name.
  • Users that even SPEAK of giving out information will be given a permanent block.
  • Users are encouraged to keep iWiki as safe and fun as possible using iGood points. iGood points are given and revoked, according to the user's conduct. A certain amount of iGood points can allow a user to be given special priviledges, such as adminship.

Domain names[edit]

  • iWiki.org
  • wikifriends.org
  • wikiconnect.org
  • wikime.org

People interested[edit]

  1. Princess Janay
  2. winnetou12
  3. Adolfobs93