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Ideas for a leaflet documenting successful cultural partnerships

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See also outreach:Category:Success stories.


  • To raise awareness in the cultural field about ways to partner with Wikipedia
  • To present successful partnerships and their benefits (for the institution, Wikipedia, and the public)
  • To answer main questions about a partnership,encourage to take first steps, offer help

Target group

  • GLAMs with little knowledge about Wikipedia or only light contact to the Wikipedia community
    • Specific target person: Web Content Lead
  • People working or volunteering in the cultural field; material should help them to start or support a partnership
  • Characteristics of target group:


  • Presenting existing partnerships on 8-10 pages (including quotes of participating institutions)
  • Answer main questions on 1-2 pages and give advise where to find more information and where to start on Wikipedia (1 page)

Visual Design

  • Appealing modern design for GLAM's
  • Rich in images