Igbo Wikimedians User Group/Annual Plan/2021

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Annual Plan 2021[edit]

As the Igbo Wikimedians User Group, is growing in number and capacity with three hubs and one Wiki club, there is need to strategically plan our activities towards achieving our objectives as an affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation Movement. Therefore, we need to set annual goals that are SMART to evaluate and monitor our progress as a group continually and in our projects, as well as be accountable to our stakeholders. Also, we need to build capacity, manage our human resources to thrive in adding educational knowledge about the Igbos and their culture in Wikimedia Projects.

Through a community survey that every member of the User Group was invited to participate - hence answers relevant questions about our strength and weaknesses as well as our program priorities. We have mapped out our goals for the year 2021. This goal will influence the Programs and activities we will prioritise and the budget for the year.


In the year 2021, we will focus on:

  • Increasing content in Igbo language and culture in the Igbo Wikipedia and Wiktionary, to do this, we need to initiate more programs that will add content and increase participation in the User Group activities. We will also leverage on WikiAfrica campaigns and contests to grow and improve content.
  • Our Culture promotion is another priority for us. We will achieve culture promotion through collaborating with other educational institutions and the media to initiate and execute projects that will document information about the Igbo culture in different media formats. Mostly, information that is challenging to write in Wikipedia due to notability or citation issues. The above form of information will be licensed in Creative Commons and deposited in Wiki Commons. We will use these content to increase awareness about the Igbo Wikimedians User Group and our objectives (Advocacy) in our social media platforms; hence increasing our media presence and influence as well as attract organisation with a shared vision for collaboration. Culture promotion can also help increase readership and view of Educational content in Igbo language and culture.
  • Community Development will be another focus for our User Group. Towards achieving our objective of "Maintaining the community and encouraging more Igbo people that are literate in the Igbo language at any level" (both written and spoken) to become more involved as community members. We will achieve this through organising workshops, outreach programs in institutions of learning and mentoring sessions. We will also device means to empower and motivate active members of our community.
  • Develop a sustainable operational and governance structures: There is need to put systems in place that will encourage and support members to work, initiate and execute more projects, as well as collaborate with organisations that share our objectives. Still maintaining our mutual benefit partnerships and securing more within the Wikimedia Movement and beyond. There is a need to have community representatives who are accountable as staff to the community. They will work towards volunteer, program, project, organisation and stakeholder management in the community.

As a community, we look forward to an eventful 2021 with accomplishments in content creation, culture promotion, growing our community through sustainable structures and systems.