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Igbo Wikimedians User Group/Internal Grants Application

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Igbo Wikimedians User Group/Internal Grants Application


    The aim of the internal grants application implemented by Igbo Wikimedians User Group and supported by Wikimedia Foundation is to enable us increase the number of articles/contents in Igbo Language in the different Wikimedia platforms like Wikipedia and Wiktionary while also recruiting more young persons into the fold of Igbo Language editors and sharing knowledge. We'll be supporting eligible applicants with grant funds up to $500 to carry out 5 selected projects.


    Projects eligible for this funding include:

    1. Projects focusing on increasing the number of articles or words in Igbo Wikipedia or Igbo Wiktionary.
    2. Projects focusing on creating awareness of the different Wikimedia projects in the Igbo Language.
    3. Projects focusing on improving the quality of contents in Igbo Wikipedia or Wiktionary.
    4. Projects focusing on increasing the number of new & dedicated volunteer editors.
    5. Projects focusing on adding usable Igbo cultural contents on WikiCommons to be used on Wikipedia and other projects.
    6. Projects focusing on increasing Igbo language lexicographical data in Wikidata.

    How to Apply[edit]

    If you believe that you have met the eligibility criteria, you are encouraged to apply, by following the link below to submit your application forms. This form will ask about the goals of the project, how long you intend to carry out the project, the budget for the project, how you intend to let your community know about the project etc.

    To apply: Click here to apply for this grant

    Decision and Selection[edit]

    After the application, the Igbo Wikimedians User Group team will be in touch to find out more about your project. Please note that a total of 5 eligible projects will be selected from the submissions received.

    Apply here