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1Lib1Ref cite-a-thon is an online campaign inviting librarians and other participants to improve the quality of Wikipedia articles by adding missing citations. The event is for every participant to add one or more citations to Wikipedia articles needing citation. The Ig Wiki Librarians Hub in collaboration with African Library and Information Association and Institutions (AfLIA) will join the global community for the 1Lib1Ref cite-a-thon. The global cite-a-thon period runs from January 15 to February 5 (first phase) and May 15 to June 5 (second phase).


  • Ig Wiki Librarians Hub: 15th May - 5th June 2022
  • AfLIA: 22nd - 28th May 2022

Join us[edit]

To participate:

Create a Wikipedia account by clicking the 'Join Wikipedia' tab or log in with you Wiki username and password if you have an account. Also log in as an Editor on the outreach dashboard for the #1Lib1Ref 2022 Campaign here and here


Find a Wikipedia article that has unsourced statements and also has [citation needed] tag as shown on the image above To make searching for citation easier you can use the automatic generated articles that needs citation using Citation hunt or see the list of some articles with unsourced statements.

Citation Hunt interface (English)
Citation Hunt interface (English)

Ensure that you have the permissions to edit the Wikipedia page. At the top of the Wikipedia page there should be an 'Edit' option if you are logged in. If there is no ‘Edit' option, the page may be protected, go ahead with the next article needing citation.

Once you have found an article needing citation and have copied the link to the reliable source for the statement, click on 'I got this' then navigate to the ‘Edit’ tab of the Wikipedia page.

Click on the [citation needed] tag on the body of the article, select ‘Add a citation’

In the ‘Add a citation’ window that pops up, select the ‘Automatic’ tab, paste the URL of your source. Click ‘Generate’ after the citation has been generated, click insert to insert the citation.

Click on Publish changes to save your edit. This will bring up the edit summary textbox, in the textbox, type in Added citation #1Lib1Ref #IWUG #AfLibWk

Publish to save your edit.


These resources for 1Lib1Ref are pinned on the Ig Wiki Librarians Hub Telegram group.

👉🏿 Slides

👉🏿 Instructional video

👉🏿 On-screen video of how to add citation on Wikipedia

Wikipedia guide to reliable and unreliable sources

👉🏿Reliable sources

👉🏿 unreliable sources

Articles with unsourced statements[edit]

These are some of the articles that needs citation. Click on the link and select an article to work on. Alternatively, you can use the Citation hunt tool.

👉🏿 Women articles needing citation

👉🏿 African articles needing citation

👉🏿 Library and Information Science articles needing citation


At the end of this cite-a-thon event, prizes would be awarded for top 5 Participants.

Ig Wiki Librarians Hub (shopping vouchers)

  • 1st Prize: ₦10,000
  • 2nd Prize: ₦8,000
  • 3rd Prize: ₦5,000
  • 4th Prize: ₦3,000
  • 5th Prize: ₦2,000

AfLIA (shopping vouchers)

  • 1st Prize: $70
  • 2nd Prize: $50
  • 3rd Prize: $35
  • 4th and 5th Prizes: $25 each


This is a maiden event for Igbo Wikimedians User Group and Ig Wiki Librarians Hub. There was a lot of experience and learnings for the organisers and participants. Due to the constant warnings and blocks (indefinite) from Wikipedia admins, we withdrew from the 1Lib1Ref editathon. This withdrawal will enable us follow-up and guide members properly to understand better how to edit and cite the English Wikipedia. The initial schedule was 15th May - 5th July 2022 but the event was rescheduled to end 29th May 2022. However, at the end of the event (29th May), a total of 21 editors registered on the dashboard, 1.44k references were added, 678 articles were edited, and a total edit of 1.43K as at 30th May 2022 8:09am (WAT). See event dashboard here for more details.

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