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Image Description Week/Demo of five easy tools

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Event during the Image Description Week: Five easy tools to improve descriptions of images on Wikimedia Commons: ISA Tool, Depictor, AC/DC, SDC, and the Media Data Verification Tool. Demonstration & try it yourself.

  • When? Tuesday, May 17, 4PM UTC (what time is this in my timezone?) (duration: one hour)
  • For whom? For beginners and for anyone who is interested in learning more about these tools
  • Language? English
  • Where? Online, via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83992360504 (no need to sign up - just join at the right time!)
  • This session will be recorded and the recording will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Keep your camera off if you don't want to be seen in the recording.

This demo is presented by Sandra Fauconnier (User:Spinster / User:SFauconnier).

The tools![edit]

With all these tools, you easily add structured data to images on Wikimedia Commons. But they all work a bit differently.

Examples of (easy!) things to do What does this tool do?
ISA Tool Describe images in the...

Create your own campaign!

Game / campaigns / microcontributions
  • Add (any) new Depicts statement
  • Add (any) new file caption
Depictor Describe images in the...

Create your own campaign/challenge!

Game / campaigns or challenges / microcontributions
  • Confirm (or decline) Depicts statements that are suggested to you, based on a file's existing Commons category
Media Data Verification Tool Clean up Depicts statements! Microcontributions
  • Correct structured data of files: Depicts statements, prominence
The SDC user script
  • See the script here
  • To install, add the following line to your common.js page: importScript('User:Magnus Manske/sdc_tool.js') ;
  • After installation, you will see a 'SDC' button at the bottom right of your browser window when you visit a Wikimedia Commons category.
Add statements to Commons files in any Wikimedia Commons category! Simple, uniform batch editing
  • Add certain (not all) statement(s) to files in your current Commons category
AC/DC (Add to Commons, Descriptive Claims)
  • Info and documentation
  • You can turn on this tool in your preferences on Wikimedia Commons.
  • After installation, you will find AC/DC in the left side menu on Wikimedia Commons
Add statements to Commons files in any Wikimedia Commons category! Simple, uniform batch editing
  • Add any (set of) (the same) statement(s) to a set of Commons files at once

Also check out the demo/tutorial of 💎 batch editing images with OpenRefine on Thursday, 19 May. (More complex and diverse/varied batch editing)