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India-Sweden edit-a-thon

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India-Sweden Edit-a-thon

8th March is International Women's Day and to celebrate, women in India and Sweden are organizing edit-a-thons to create and expand articles related to women scientists on Wikipedia in various languages. The goal of the event is to encourage more women and trans women to contribute to Wikipedia and increase the quality of articles related to women scientists on Wikipedia. Everyone is welcome to join the event as enthusiasts, editors, translators, bloggers or event managers. Women and trans women are particularly encouraged to participate.

Participating languages


If you are interested in joining the edit-a-thon in a different language, please add your language to the list. Please also add the articles you worked on, to the table below.

Suggested articles


This is the list of suggested articles for India-Sweden edit-a-thon. Participants are welcome to create and expand articles out of this list also. Once the article is created, please suffix the the respective article with a YesY symbol. The articles that are already taken (or being worked on) by participants are marked with a sign.

Articles needing creation or expansion
English Swedish Punjabi Malayalam
w:en:Bindu A Bambah w:sv:Bindu A Bambah w:pa:ਬਿੰਦੂ ੲੇ ਬੰਬਾ YesY w:ml:Bindu A Bambah YesY
w:en:Shawna Pandya w:sv:Shawna Pandya w:pa:ਸ਼ਾਵਨਾ ਪਾਂਡੇ YesY w:ml:Shawna Pandya YesY
w:en:Supurna Sinha w:sv:Supurna Sinha w:pa:Supurna Sinha w:ml:Supurna Sinha YesY
w:en:Aparna Dutta Gupta YesY w:sv:Aparna Dutta Gupta YesY w:pa:Aparna Dutta Gupta w:ml:Aparna Dutta Gupta YesY
w:en:Anuradha Mishra w:sv:Anuradha Mishra w:pa:Anuradha Mishra w:ml:Anuradha Mishra
w:en:Annapurni Subramaniam YesY w:sv:Annapurni Subramaniam w:pa:ਅੰਨਾਪੁਰਨੀ ਸੁਬਰਮਨੀਅਮ YesY w:ml:Annapurni Subramaniam YesY
w:en:Uma Ramakrishnan YesY w:sv:Uma Ramakrishnan w:pa:Uma Ramakrishnan w:ml:Uma Ramakrishnan YesY
w:en:Sampa Das YesY w:sv:Sampa Das w:pa:Sampa Das w:ml:Sampa Das
w:en: Kavita Shah (scientist) YesY w:sv:Kavita Shah w:pa:Kavita Shah w:ml:Kavita Shah YesY
w:en:Kavita Babu w:sv:Kavita Babu w:pa:Kavita Babu w:ml:Kavita Babu
w:en:Renu Khanna-Chopra w:sv:Renu Khanna-Chopra w:pa:ਰੇਨੂੰ ਖੰਨਾ ਚੋਪੜਾ YesY w:ml:Renu Khanna-Chopra
w:en:Sangita Mukhopadhyay w:sv:Sangita Mukhopadhyay w:pa:Sangita Mukhopadhyay w:ml:Sangita Mukhopadhyay
w:en:Ashima Anand YesY w:sv:Ashima Anand w:pa:Ashima Anand w:ml:Ashima Anand
w:en:Chitra Mandal YesY w:sv:Chitra Mandal w:pa:Chitra Mandal w:ml:Chitra Mandal
w:en:Poonam Salotra YesY w:sv:Poonam Salotra YesY w:pa:ਪੂਨਮ ਸਲੋਤਰਾ YesY w:ml:Poonam Salotra
w:en:Soniya Nityanand YesY w:sv:Soniya Nityanand w:pa:ਸੋਨੀਆ ਨਿੱਤਿਆਨੰਦ YesY w:ml:Soniya Nityanand
w:en:Sipra guha-Mukherjes w:sv:Sipra guha-Mukherjes w:pa:Sipra guha-Mukherjes w:ml:Sipra guha-Mukherjes
w:en:Sowdhamini R w:sv:Sowdhamini R w:pa:Sowdhamini R w:ml:Sowdhamini R
w:en:Ritu Karidhal YesY w:sv:Ritu Karidhal w:pa:Ritu Karidhal YesY w:ml:Ritu Karidhal YesY
w:en:Nandini Harinath YesY w:sv:Nandini Harinath YesY w:pa:ਨੰਦਿਨੀ ਹਰੀਨਾਥ YesY w:ml:Nandini Harinath YesY
w:en:Anuradha TK w:sv:Anuradha TK w:pa:ਅਨੁਰਾਧਾ ਟੀ.ਕੇ.YesY w:ml:Anuradha TK YesY
w:en:Signe Brunnström YesY w:sv:Signe Brunnström YesY w:pa:Signe Brunnström w:ml:Signe Brunnström YesY
w:en:Gunila Axén w:sv:Gunila Axén w:pa:Gunila Axén w:ml:Gunila Axén YesY
w:en:Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson w:sv:Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson w:pa:Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson w:ml:Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson YesY
w:en:Pam Fredman w:sv:Pam Fredman w:pa:Pam Fredman w:ml:Pam Fredman
w:en:Pernilla Wittung Stafshede w:sv:Pernilla Wittung Stafshede w:pa:Pernilla Wittung Stafshede w:ml:Pernilla Wittung Stafshede
w:en:Katharina Sunnerhagen YesY w:sv:Katharina Sunnerhagen w:pa:Katharina Sunnerhagen w:ml:Katharina Sunnerhagen YesY
w:en:Eva Wilberg w:sv:Eva Wilberg w:pa:Eva Wilberg w:ml:Eva Wilberg
w:en:Ulrika Islander w:sv:Ulrika Islander w:pa:Ulrika Islander w:ml:Ulrika Islander YesY
w:en:Agneta Holmäng w:sv:Agneta Holmäng w:pa:Agneta Holmäng w:ml:Agneta Holmäng YesY
w:en:Christina Jern w:sv:Christina Jern YesY w:pa:Christina Jern w:ml:Christina Jern YesY
w:en:Inger Ekman w:sv:Inger Ekman w:pa:Inger Ekman w:ml:Inger Ekman YesY
w:en:Urve Miller w:sv:Urve Miller w:pa:Urve Miller w:ml:Urve Miller YesY
w:en:Gudrun Persson w:sv:Gudrun Persson w:pa:Gudrun Persson w:ml:Gudrun Persson YesY
w:en:Anna Lindh w:sv:Anna Lindh w:pa:Anna Lindh w:ml:Anna Lindh YesY
w:en:Ellen Key w:sv:Ellen Key w:pa:Ellen Key w:ml:Ellen Key
w:en:Bridget of Sweden w:sv:Heliga Birgitta w:pa:Bridget of Sweden (?) w:ml:Bridget of Sweden (?)
w:en:Queen Silvia of Sweden w:sv:Drottning Silvia w:pa:Silvia (?) w:ml:Silvia (?)
w:en:Magdalena Andersson (Social Democrat) w:sv:Magdalena Andersson (finansminister) w:pa:Magdalena Andersson w:ml:Magdalena AnderssonYesY
w:en:Ann Wilkens w:sv:Ann Wilkens w:pa:Ann Wilkens w:ml:Ann Wilkens
w:en:Anna-Karin Eneström w:sv:Anna-Karin Eneström w:pa:Anna-Karin Eneström w:ml:Anna-Karin Eneström
w:en:Ulrika Sundberg w:sv:Ulrika Sundberg w:pa:Ulrika Sundberg w:ml:Ulrika Sundberg
w:en:Ingrid JohanssonYesY w:sv:Ingrid Johansson w:pa:Ingrid Johansson w:ml:Ingrid Johansson YesY
w:en:Mona Sahlin w:sv:Mona Sahlin w:pa:Mona Sahlin w:ml:Mona SahlinYesY

Resources for organizers