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Indic Wikisource Clinic/Header

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Wikisource Clinic (or WC) is a project where CIS-A2K attempts to provide technical support to communities and individuals based on their need. Unlike Train-the-Trainer, this is not a national-level program, and support is provided to individual communities and Wikimedians. WC also explores technical training capability and troubleshooting of Indic Wikimedians. There are several Wikimedians whose Wiki-knowledge and experience might be of great help for other communities, however for logistical and other reasons this experience has not been explored properly.

Usage guidelines and instruction

Complete the steps
  • You should have basic knowledge of computer operation.
  • You should have to minimum 1000 edit and basic idea about wikipedia and wikisource environment.
  • You should complete the task or technical issue listed before we start.
Date finalization
  • Final date and time of Intensive Personalized Training would be decided with mutual understand.
  • Preferebly time of training 7-8PM every day.
Software Insfrustruction Use
  • You have to install Team Viewer to share your desktop OR we could use Google Meet.
  • You are agreed to share your desktop, when required.
  • You are agreed to that session will be recorded, when required.