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This page is last updated on 2009

This page is a descriptive article on the Indonesian Wikipedia, feel free to add any comment.


The Indonesian language Wikipedia started on May 30, 2003. Its first article was about Elektron.

Areas of strength

  • Coverage of many places in Indonesia and a set example for the use of the Indonesian language.
  • Has a good coverage of Indonesia's history or things that related to Indonesia.

Areas of weakness

  • Too many stubs, especially with geographical articles.
  • Some (many) articles are not referenced well.

What other prominent encyclopedias exist in this language (print, electronic, online)?

  1. Ensiklopedi Nasional Indonesia
  2. Ensiklopedi Islam
  3. Ensiklopedia Gereja
  4. Tokoh Indonesia (online)

Prominent milestones/events[edit]

  • TK

What has its impact been?

  • TK


What language features are challening?

  • TK

What would surprise the outside reader about the community?

  • Indonesian and Malay languages are very similar, and could likely be combined, but there has been resistance to this.

What are some unique practices/characteristics?

  • TK

Who were the earliest participants, who started it?

  • Parimita (created the very first article and the only contribution sofar)
  • Vyasa (first user who wrote several entries)
  • User:Yosri (a Malaysian user)
  • User:Andre Engels (the first interwiki user)
  • Revo (User:Meursault2004) (the first active user and first sysop)

Other prominent Wikipedians?