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This is the project to find out the incomplete pages and unuploaded books of Nationalised books of Tamilnadu in libraries, few GLAM activities at Chennai metropolitan city and workshops in 6 cities of TamilNadu.

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Increasing the sustainability of Wikisource movement, Improve User Experiences by their feedbacks, Innovations in Open Knowledge.

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Additional activities[edit]

The below table is for one college. Kindly multiply for 6 colleges in various cities of TamilNadu. The college cities :Chennai = 2,Coimbatore = 2, Trichy = 1, Karaikudi =1

Activity Description Additional targets
Number of participants 25 women and a Assit.professor Introduction of Wikimedia and the need of Wikisource.
Number of editors 20 women students giving screencasts and explanations to complete a selected book.
Number of organiser 1 3 hours with practical classes; a month of continuity.

The backgrounds[edit]

Nationalised books of TamilNadu and its license:-

To simply say, any renowned Tamil book writer or his/her legal heirs can surrender their copyrights to Tamil development government office for a amount of money. Thus TamilNadu government gave compensation to the 156 author's legal rights for the rupees 10.38 crores (1,377,498 US Dollars) from the year 1984 to 2019 to release those books under public domain which are legally approved in India. After this valid legal government process, these books are called as Nationalised books of Tamil nadu.

Tamil Virtual Academy:-

This academy comes under the above mentioned Tamil development government department. In this office, they converted the 91 author's, 2217 physical books (nearly 3.5 lakh pages) into PDF books by its fund. You can find those books in their web page.

Wikipedian in Residence:-

One of the Tamil contributor namely info-farmer (தகவலுழவன்) was selected as Wikipedian in Residence unonimously for Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA) in 2015-16. At the time, by the team work, TVA released nationalised books of TamilNadu, under the creative common license as a document which is now available at Commons. Due to that he uploaded those 91 authors books at Commons.

Tamil Wikisource:- For the past five years, we Tamil Wikimedians did many workshops in many colleges for Wikisource. Due to that Tamil wiksource completed a lakh proofreaded pages first among Indic languages. we coverted 258 PDF books into text format books. If you see Indic ebook downloader list, it shows that Tamil books are in the top position and you can understand the need of Tamil wikisource.

Financial Proposal[edit]

Work ground expenses
Serial number Item Amount ₹ Narration/Explanation
1 Project-related intercity travel 1,800 Every 15 days, I will return to my native place to meet my family. This is the amount requested for the project-related intercity travel per month (verify)
2 Daily transport during project implementation phase 3,200 Daily city traveling from room, hotel and working place per month (verify)
3 City room rent 10,000 I needs to travel to other cities, and this expense will cover basic staying needs during the project implementation phase per month (verify)
4 Fiber cable internet and mobile phone connectivity 1100 It varies in the working city and location. some time i have to use double sim. per month (verify)
5 Food and refreshment drinks expenses at the working cities. 12,000 per month...(verify)
6 On ground work remuneration 20,000 working 45 hrs/week, 180 hrs/month. One sunday in every month for 5 hours.per month
7 Total expenses for a month 48,100 ₹ 500 difference maybe arise when location change per month
8 Total expenses for six months (6 X 48,100) 2,88,600 For six months
9 Mobile phone for Museum, as scanner at libraries. 20,000 Work equipment : Few cities are having museums and hitorical places and also for the project documentation like scanning books, outreach workshops.
10 Laptop service and new external hard disk 12,000 Work equipments :My laptop's hard disk is malfunctioning. so , i have to service it. I want a external hard disk also. It price around ₹ 5500 (verify)
11 Grand total for this project 3,20,600 4260 US Dollars



Category:Proposed General Support Funds for SAARC in FY 2021-22

my efforts to share[edit]

  • பொதுவாக முதல் அனுபவமானது முழுமையாக புரியாது.குழப்பமாக இருக்கும். இந்த விண்ணப்ப முறைமைகளும் முற்றிலும் வேறுபட்டு இருந்தது. மேலும், இறுதி நேர முயற்சி என்பதால் பல தடைகள் வந்தன. பிற மொழியினை தாய்மொழியாகக் கொண்டவர் வழிகாட்டியமையால், கற்க 24 மணி நேரம் தொடர்ந்து கற்று ஒரு வழியாக விண்ணப்பித்துள்ளேன். ஏற்பார்களென்றேநம்புகிறேன்.விண்ணப்பத்தில் கேட்டிருந்த பல கேள்விகளுக்கு பதில் அளிக்கவில்லை. மேலாண்மை செய்யும் குழுவில் இருப்பவர்கள் எனது முயற்சிகளை எப்பொழுதும் ஊக்குவிப்பர் என்பால் விண்ணப்பம் ஏற்றுக் கொள்ளப்படும் என நம்புகிறேன். இது குறித்த படப்பதிவை செய்துள்ளேன். அறிவிப்பு வந்த பிறகு முழுமையாக பகிர்கிறேன்.
  • translate the fund documents in our language. if it is available, no hurdles for upcomers which i faced.
    • //25. What is the amount you are requesting from WMF? Please provide this amount in your local currency:// என்பதில் டாலர் குறியீடு வரக்கூடாது. அதனால் குழப்பம்.
    • விண்ணப்பத்தின் அடியில் அடுத்து நடக்க இருப்பதைக் குறிப்பிடுக. ஏனெனில், நான் 'submit' பொத்தானை அங்கு தேடிக் கொண்டு இருந்தேன்.
    • முதன்முதலில் நான் "save and close" பயன்படுத்திய போது சேமிக்கப்படாமல் 'review' பகுதிக்கு செல்லவில்லை. எனவே, 'submit' பொத்தான் தோன்றவில்லை என்பதை 5 மணி நேரத்திற்கு பிறகு மறுபடியும் புதிய விண்ணப்பம் எழுதிய போதே வந்தது. இந்த இடைபட்டட நேரத்தில் பதட்டம் வந்துவிட்டது.