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Intelligent Advertising

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I hope this is the correct place to mention this.

OK Here goes. Over View: Intelligent Advertizing for Wikipedia Ok I do understand that it is not easy to keep something floating without money and most of all I do feel so bad about the fact that a system like Wikipedia have to struggle like this. SO my suggestion is to have a department in Wikipedia that intelligently place completely controlled adverts that company's can place to link them to the related information to there business and if there is more company's that do the same thing then just a list of company names appear some where very intelligent and that just link then directly to there website or the link they want to pay for The customers add will stay on the wiki for as ling as what they want to pay for the service.

Very important no images and no slogans just the company name and there link.

Let me know it some thing like this can work at all.

Proposed by


I'd like to get more people involved here but currently it is just me that just now came up with this idea 15-December-2011 at 05:51 PM for Wikipedia and my Name is (Freddie) Frederik Jacobus Maré

Alternative names


Tech Portal or Access Info Directly or Business Knowledge.


I have not looked for any and I think based on the Wikipedia principals there is non like this please correct me if I'm wrong

Domain names


This is just a suggestion how about www.wikiknowledge.com


I need Help on this one well my email will be freddie.mare@hotmail.com



This is to make money for Wikipedia and to have the most successful information system ever in the world All Wiki staff should be looked after well and not be worried about a thing.

This is not to make a truckload of money for some obscure reasons I feel all the money that can be maid will go directly back in to Wikipedia's current structure and for future development

PS.. forgive my English and nothing here was copied or read from some document it all came from within me jut when I read your appeal.

Kind regards Freddie Maré freddie.mare@hotmail.com