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is it possibly also to book directly at as the prices for under 26yo are cheaper than the one set out by the conference organisation team... thanks :-)

broadcasting de wikimania 2005[edit]

est t il possible de broadcaster la conférence internationale?(en: it s easy to understand :p) Vev on french wp 25 mai 2005 à 20:53 (CEST)

Submission notification/Full paper deadline extended?[edit]

Hello, when do you start notifying authors about accepted/rejected papers?

Is the official deadline for the full paper submission extended until late june?

Why Germany?[edit]

This is by no means against anyone/any country. Its just that I live in Florida and I would like to have gone to wikimania if it were here. Im 19 year old where flying to Germany is just not feasible. Just curious, why is it being held in Europe?

Thank You![edit]

I'm a student from China,a accidnetal chance came and I viewed this web......I was surprised! Thank you for running this excellent web,I believe in knowldge,knowldge is my religion!

Wiki for scientists[edit]

Several weeks ago, I finished a real big work about the term "risk". In that I made (thanks to all wikianers) also a lot of references to wikipedia. Unfortunatly my work was not accepted by the university, because I made these references... Unbelievable! I don't have to reference documents, which are not sophisticated or published by everybody!

I can not share these positions and so I like to ask the community, what can we do to change the minds of the highbrows? Can we do more than save the history of each entry and to nomminate admins?

Wiki should grow more and should also be accepted by the scientists.