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Internet support for Wikimedians in India/Applications/Sourah.biswas003

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Contact details


Wikimedia username ... Sourabh.biswas003 Email (optional) ... sourabh03biswas@gmail.com

Your contribution


Please answer the questions below

  • Active project name:
(Please name the Wikimedia projects you primarily work on, such as Tamil Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Gujarati Wikisource, Wikidata etc.)

... https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wiki_Loves_Butterfly, Wikimedia Commons, Bengali Wikipedia.

  • Contribution:
What are some of your best contribution to Wikimedia so far? (Please add relevant links)

..."https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeromachus_stigmata, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedesta_pandita, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ochus_subvittatus"

  • Other activity:


Future activities (optional)


You can write your future plans in brief. Please mention the projects, areas or topics you want to work on Wikimedia in the upcoming months. "Currently, I'm a core member of the Wiki_Loves_Butterfly project. As a part of it, I have contributed 270 butterfly images from all over India in Wikimedia commons so far. I'm a photographer and planning to upload more butterfly photographs from my upcoming field trips to the different parts of India. I'm also targeting to develop at least 50 articles on butterflies in Wikimedia English and Wikimedia Bengali to promote butterflies in regional languages within a year. I'm also keen on archaeology, and regional history excites me. I have already started exploring rich "Terracota" sculptures in West Bengal and planing to upload pictures and develop articles on historical places and monuments. Currently, I'm working on the less explored terracotta temples across India. West Bengal has a rich colonial history along the banks of the river Ganges. I'm also aiming to document the less explored architectures and history of such places. I'm from the rural part of Bengal, and sometimes network becomes the obstacle to upload quality images and developing articles also become problematic due to poor network connection. Internet support from Wikimedia going to boost my morale as well as my productivity in wiki platforms".

Application status

Is your application complete? (please write "Yes" or "No")