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Apple vs. Malus domestica[edit]

The interwiki links in hsb:Jabłuko and hsb:Zahrodna jabłučina were mixed, although the first one has the topic apple (like a fruit, not a species) and the second one has the topic Malus domestica (a species). Yesterday I manually repaired this in the upper Sorbian articles only.

I found three groups.

Group 1[edit]

They are in hsb:Jabłuko (the fruit of trees in Malus genus).

I removed all interwiki links, which now are in the second group and have to be in third group and not had to be corrected in the second group.

Subgroup 1.1[edit]

A wider botanical concept of a type of fruit (i.e. the fruit of Apple tree, pear, etc.)

Group 2[edit]

They are in hsb:Zahrodna jabłučina (the species Malus domestica)

I removed some interwiki links, which was in it and has to be in the first group:

  • cs, el, ksh, la, lb, lv, lt, mg, oc, ru, sco

I corrected some interwiki links, whose old ones are now in the first group:

And I removed some interwiki links, which has to be in the third group. I corrected one link only.

Group 3[edit]

Some interwiki links where in both pages, but they have to be in the page hsb:Jabłučina, because its topic is the genus Maluṡ. But I am not added them there yet.


I only corrected the articles hsb:Jabłuko and hsb:Zahrodna jabłučina in the upper Sorbian wikipedia and the Uppersorbian interwiki in de:Kulturapfel (an article about the fruit is not there). I hope, that anybody can help to correct this muddle. Greetings --Tlustulimu 17:26, 22 March 2009 (UTC)