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Massive confusion in this group of articles. The first two groups should probably be blacklisted for bots as even human editors have trouble with them.

Black powder[edit]

The ancient stuff made of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal.

  • de:Schwarzpulver - Obviously correct.
  • en:gunpowder - The British English name is used for the article. In the US, it's mostly called en:black powder, which is a redirect. A rename/move request to the US name has recently failed by a large margin, so is unlikely to succeed in the near future. In American English gunpowder may have a broader meaning, referring to any gun propellant.
  • fr:poudre à canon - Synonym given: poudre noire, which redirects; correct as far as I know. I'm uncertain as to which is more common in French today.
  • es:Pólvora - The lead is confusing as to the scope of the article, but the body of article is mostly about black powder with a link to a separate article for smokeless powders.
  • simple:gunpowder and simple:black powder seem to be describing the same thing, but have different interwiki links
  • it:polvere nera. A bot incorrectly removed the link to the English article [1]. I have reverted it.
  • - no article, but see next section.
  • pl:Proch czarny. Fine article, no links to English and French ones though.

Gun propellant[edit]

Anything else that makes modern guns send the projectile down the barrel, like en:Smokeless powders and en:Black powder substitutes.

Smokeless powder[edit]

This group of articles was generally okay, except for the occasional confusion with en:Poudre B caused by the claim on it:Polvere infume (which I don't know how correct it is) that in Italian the latter is used as a synonym for the whole class. I have fixed most links here.


These are generally fine except there seems to be no article or even a specific term in Russian for this. They have one on rocket propellants, ru:Ракетное топливо, but топливо simply means fuel. Порох is a rather unique word denoting gunpowder, and is related to порошок, which means powder of any kind. (Someone might enlighten us on the etymology of порох more, but let's not stray from the topic too much.)


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