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In adapting Phase III Wikipedia to act as an intranet, here's a list of things I had to change to make the code less encyclopedia-centric. Note that I'm not worried about stressing the database too badly, and that some of these changes could have performance effects on a heavily used system (which ours won't be, relatively speaking).

I tried to only change settings and stuff in Language.php, but I also:

  • created a new skin
  • added .doc, .pdf, and .ppt to acceptable file extensions in DefaultSettings.php
  • removed the checkbox in SpecialUpload.php which affirnmed copyright - we don't need it
  • in Skin.php, changed the background color of non-namespaced pages (e.g. login page) to white
  • To allow file:// URLs (or any other type URL), copy the definition of $wgUrlProtocols from includes/DefaultSettings.php, insert it into LocalSettings.php and edit it. Mine now looks like this:
    $wgUrlProtocols = 'http:\/\/|https:\/\/|file:\/\/|ftp:\/\/|irc:\/\/|gopher:\/\/|news:|mailto:';
See FAQ about 'file' links
  • changed the fulltext search minimum word length to 3 characters (chages to both the wikipedia code and the mysql configuration)

Some things I'm working on:

  • making page titles be case insensitive, so edward_teller and Edward_Teller point to the same page. There's some discussion about doing that to Wikipedia too; I'm not worried about most of the issues in there (canonical name style, for instance: whoever gets there first wins in my book). Making the SELECT statement on line 92 of LinkCache.php insensitive seems to work.
  • a script to create a whole bunch of users at once, complete with pages that redirect from their names to their user: pages

Some things I wish were documented but aren't:

  • how to delete an image completely from the system