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For the first time, Education Program (E.P.) was held in two universities of Iran in 2016. In the first step, the E.P. proposal was given to faculty Profs of two universities mentioned below. They welcomed the proposal, so the coordinators held two conferences (in Ahvaz and Tehran) named "Why we have to improve the Wikipedia?" to increase students awareness about the Wikipedia. After that, the coordinators held two successful workshops for B.A. History students (in Ahvaz and Tehran) to teach them how they can edit Wikipedia. These workshops were held to prepare them for a pilot course of the first education program in Iran. Finally the pilot courses were held in two universities: ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz and ShahidBeheshti University of Tehran. The results of these courses are available and visible in the below links:

Students are learning about Wikipedia and sister projects as part of Education Program

As a result, in the pilot courses, E.P. succeeded to involve about 40 students in Wikipedia and either to create or improve about 65 articles of History. In addition, the coordinators could educate two ambassadors forhelping students for next semester E.P among talented volunteer students.

For the next semester and based on the coordinators’experience of previous semester, they have divided students in two groups: talented students and normal ones. The purpose of this dividing was both quality and quantity improvement in parallel. As this dividing, the coordinators have developed two types of article lists. The first one, in which the students are going to develop and improve existent articles, has been prepared for talented students. The second one, in which the students are just going to create articles, has been created to normal students. The next semester lists are available in the below links: