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ItWikiCon/2018/Ecosystem of education through Wikipedia

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Ecosystem of education through Wikipedia
Susanna Mkrtchyan
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Wikipedia is considered to be a free source of human knowledge and we strive to enlarge and enhance its content. On the other hand contributors of Wikipedia improve their knowledge, skills of formulating thoughts, writing skills, concentrations skills, even their thinking skills. In addition continuous editing of Wikipedia helps contributors to grow in their studying and investigating field. For these reasons , I had localized similar to Wikimedia commitment: Every human being in Armenia will know about Wikipedia and its policy and have a chance to learn through and to contribute to Wikipedia. The most important thing that inspired me is that I saw that through Wiki projects we can change mindset of ordinary people regarding their vision to many aspects of their and the society life: to be the seed for everyday behavior volunteering, collaborating, learning habits and even making them to love language and even homeland.

Most people who had listened to my vision of dissemination of Wikipedia, claimed, that it is utopia.

The basis of the ecosystem are Wikiclubs. Our target is to have Wikiclubs in every settlement of Armenia, especially in the villages, also in universities. (WikiClub is a comfortable room equipped with laptops and Internet connection, usually located in a space provided by the village council or the cultural house. Its activities are facilitated by a coordinator, who is an experienced Wikipedia editor. Visitors are typically school students, young people. They get acquainted with Wiki editing tools with the help of the coordinator and afterwards contribute to the Armenian Wikipedia and Wiktionary by their own. The coordinator teaches them how to use computers, checks their translations and created articles, helps them to competently express their thoughts. To boost the spirit of the community we organize expeditions and events, and even celebrate birthdays of dedicated members).

It was not very easy to achieve: we needed free places in the middle of the rural settlements, the presence of experienced wikipedians as well as laptops and internet connections.

To build up coordinators we arranged to organize Wikipedia training week for the teachers. Any teacher who has been contributing to Wikipedia for more than six months can receive a license of a coordinator. At the moment we have about 20 wikiclubs in Armenia and 3 in Artsakh. The most impressive notable achievement is that those students that have attended our wikiclubs have gradually shown impressive academic results at school.

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