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The Javanese language Wikisource started on 4 August 2021. Its early pages is s:jv:Layang Paréntah Sewelas Maret (14 Juni 2005 by Hayabusa future)

Areas of strength
  • A lot of literature in Javanese language has been written, using Javanese script and Latin
  • Many public domain books and manuscripts in GLAM institutions outside of Indonesia has been digitized, for example from British Library, and various Dutch/German institutions.
Areas of weakness
  • The free manuscripts and books that could be found/digitized mainly in Javanese script, and not everyone could read/type the script anymore. Javanese Wikipedia currently only uses Latin script.
  • Many public domain books and manuscripts in GLAM institutions across Indonesia has not been digitized/uploaded due to various reasons

Prominent milestones/events[edit]

  • 14 Juni 2005 - first article written
  • 4 August 2021 - launched its own domain

What has its impact been?

  • In terms of readers, Javanese Wikisource is readily accessible to all of the Javanese speeakers of Indonesia, with around 80-100 million speakers.
  • In terms of media coverage, Javanese Wikisource has received some publication, due to Wikisource Loves Manuscript pilot project that took place in Yogyakarta (and other Indonesian cities)
  • In terms of community impact, Javanese Wikisource, in partnership with Wikimedia Indonesia, has done several workshops and competitions, most recently was Kompetisi Wikisumber 2023
  • In terms of global movement, Javanese Wikisource planned to share its experience in the upcoming Singapore Wikimania 2023


What language features are challenging?

  • Typing in Javanese script.

What would surprise the outside reader about the community?

  • The Javanese language community is large, encompassing several tens of millions of people. Most Javanese speakers speaks different language (i.e. Indonesian language) as bilingual speakers, and even third language (foreign, or second regional language) or more as trilingual speakers.

What are some unique practices/characteristics?

  • The site gets unusually large traffic when it organize a competition. Afterwards, some of the competition participants would stay around and involved more in proofreading.

Who were the earliest participants, who started it?

Other prominent Wikipedians?


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