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Karavali Wikimedians/Bylaws

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of Karavali Wikimedians User Group

Chapter 1 - General[edit]

  • Section-1 (Title)
The Name of this user group is Karavali Wikimedians User Group.

  • Section-2 (Purposes/Aims)
  1. This group endeavors to support Wikimedia Movement.
  2. This group endeavors to support the Free Knowledge content in the languages used in coastal Karnataka and northern Kerala, viz., Tulu, Kannada and Konkani
  3. This group supports various Wiki Projects related to the Culture and languages of the geographical areas mentioned above

  • Section-3 (Activities)

Chapter 2 - Membership[edit]

  • Section-4 (Membership)
  1. Any person can be a member of this group, who attain the age of 12 years and support the mission of the group by working on the language Wiki projects mentioned above.

  • Section-5 (Rights of Members)
  1. Members can participate in any activity of the group
  2. They have the right to vote
  3. Members are given priority in activities of group

  • Section-6 (Duties of Members)
  1. They Obliged to follow the Bye-laws of the group
  2. They must have to pay the dues

  • Section-7 (Penalties and Termination of Membership)
  1. Member of the group can be penalized for the following activities-
    1. If any member of group violates the Bylaws
    2. If he defames the group and in any way harms the Image of group
    3. If he obstructs the working of group otherwise or during the meetings.
    4. A Member of group can terminate his/her membership by submitting his resignation document.

Chapter 3 - General Body Meetings[edit]

  • Section-8 (Regular Meeting)
  1. Regular meeting should be held once in a year.

  • Section-9 (Special Meetings)
  1. Special Meetings can be held on the call of The President or
  2. When two‐thirds members of the group want to have a meeting.

  • Section-10 (Call for Meeting)
  1. The President should inform all the members a week prior to meeting through email or any other mode communication.
  2. Notification should clearly state the purpose, time, date and place of meeting.

Chapter 4 - Management of the Group[edit]

  • Section-11. (Executive Committee)
  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of 5 members, viz., President, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 other Members.
  2. The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Members of the Association at the Annual General Body Meeting and they shall hold office for a period of three years
  3. All the outgoing Executive Committee members are eligible for re-election.

  • Section-12. (Powers of Executive Committee)
  1. The Secretary may, whenever he finds it necessary, call for an emergency meeting with the consent of the President or on the request of at least 3 Members of the Executive Committee, in writing/email.
  2. Notices of all the meetings must contain the place, date and time shall and should be sent by the Secretary to the Committee Members.
  3. Notice should have an agenda for the meeting one week before the date of the meeting.

  • Section-13. (Duties of Executive Committee)
  1. The Executive Committee shall normally meet once in six months.
  2. The meeting of the Executive Committee will be presided over by the President. If he is not present or not being able to participate in the meeting, the Secretary will preside.
  3. If the Secretary is also not present, then the Executive Committee may choose one of the Members present to conduct the meeting.
  4. All questions arising at any meeting of the Executive Committee shall be decided by a simple majority of the Members present and in case of equal votes, the members shall have a second or casting vote.

Chapter 5 - Officers and Duties[edit]

  • Section-14 (President)
  1. The President heads the work of the Executive Board of the Group.
  2. He presides all the meetings of the Executive Committee.
  3. The President of the Association represents and acts on behalf of the Association in the legal dealings with third parties and sign all the financial documents on behalf of the Association.

  • Section-15 (Secretary)
  1. Secretary shall keep the record of all the members, committee meetings, resolutions passed in general meetings and committee meeting.
  2. Secretary shall prepare an annual report of the group.

  • Section-16 (Treasurer)
  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping of proper accounts.
  2. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys on behalf of the Executive Committee and deposit the same in the name of the Group in the Bank.
  3. The Treasurer shall prepare the annual accounts of the Association and submit it in General Body meeting.

  • Section-17 (Removal)
  1. These officers can be removed by simple majority if they harm the image of the group and disturb the procedure of the group.

  • Section-18 (Resignations)
  1. Any elected or appointed officer of the Group may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President or any person acting on his behalf.

Chapter 6 - Amendment[edit]

  • Section-19

The bye-laws can be amended or repealed by simple majority in General meeting or special meeting.