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The king and his kingdom

The King of Wikipedia is the head of state of Wikipedia. The current King is King Jimbo I, who possesses the proverbial sceptre and the invisible crown of dignity and respect received from Wikipedians. Wikipedians are inhabitants of this fantastic, but not fabulous, kingdom. Rules exist, but not issued directly by King Jimbo I. In fact, the Jimbo was taken a cloister rule, rarely making appearance on Wikipedia personally. He speaks to his subjects through a golden medium adorned by jewels which is known as the M-list. His ministerial body consists of a bureaucracy. In addition, those who obey the King include the administrators.

His titles include:

Preceded by:

List of Wikipedian monarchs

Heir apparent:
Who knows?

This article is a parody. This is not real. Really. I mean, really, Wikipedia is not a monarchy (it's actually a dictatorship, duh).