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Here's our Annual plan for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Goals and Outcomes[edit]

Annual Plan FY18-19 topline goals    #1) Knowledge Equity - grow new contributors and content

X #2) Knowledge as a Service - increase reach
X #3) Knowledge as a Service/Foundational Strength - evolve our systems and structures

How does this program affect the annual plan topline goal:

Kiwix brings knowledge to people without internet access: it increases reach (in terms of readership) and is a tech solution.

Program Goal We want to facilitate the distribution of Wikimedia contents to people without reliable internet access, either directly or through third party organization. To do so, we will:
  • continue to upgrade and maintain Kiwix code, so that it is easier to manage for technical contributors: this in turn should facilitate efforts to distribute Wikimedia contents in offline settings;
  • improve accessibility and user experience.
Outcome 1 People without internet access use Kiwix to access Wikimedia contents.
Outcome 2 Kiwix code makes it easier for technical contributors to develop new features and maintain existing code.


Outcome 1 Target 1 Measurement method Baseline July 2018
People without internet access use Kiwix to access Wikimedia contents. 15% increase in number of end users of Kiwix. Baseline/endline number of downloads and retained 30-day installers as measured by Google Play console.

Baseline/endline number of downloads as measured by Kiwix servers.

  • 7.3k installs for Kiwix Android app in June; 60k Android active installs
  • 65k sessions on
Target 2 Measurement method Baseline
Android 30 day retained installers exceeds 40% Google Play Store stats 40.2% at D+30
Outcome 2 Target 3 Measurement method Baseline
Kiwix code makes it easier for technical contributors to develop new features and maintain existing code. Reduce android crash scenarios for all versions by 50% Baseline/endline from the Google play console Kiwix 2.2 build 53

ANR: 0.34%
Crash: 2.98%

Target 4 Measurement method Baseline
90% of zims automatically updated on a monthly basis;

99% bimonthly

Publication date at D-30 and D-60? 0% (all zims updated manually)
Target 5 Measurement method Baseline
30% increase in testing code coverage Measure of code coverage  (tested before the program starts and quarterly during the program) 54% instruction coverage in September 2018 (see [1], estimation of 35% in July 2018.


Outcome #1 : access
Output 1
Release zim files built for mobile devices based off research conducted by Wikimedia Foundation Android team in 2017. Files should be 100mb or less in size, multilingual (10 languages), and topic-specific (10 topics).
Output 2
“Fresh” content available for download with the release of a fully automated zimfarm. New versions of existing zim files would be available for download on a scheduled basis (monthly for 90% of files, bimonthly for largest). Automate zim landing pages generation.
Output 3
Publish strategy for Customer audience (e.g. NGOs)
Outcome #2 Code
Output 4
Android redesign:
  • Redesign and implement library;
  • Fix multiple secondary usability / stability problems (this also impacts Outcome 1).
Output 5
Professionalize key aspect of development. Our software portfolio (zimwriterfs / zimtools / libzim / kiwix-lib / kiwix-tools (C++), MediaWiki Offliner (Javascript)) is maintained by contracted employees so as to have regular and reliable release dates.
Output 6
Organize two hackathons to solve platform-specific issues


Please describe any dependencies that this program has on other teams/departments, external partners, etc.  This will help leaders of relevant teams understand and plan for the dependency.

  • Wikimedia Foundation New Readers teams:
    • Product/engineering for design mentorship and technical issue resolution;
    • Partnerships & Global Reach for scaling and distribution opportunities;
    • Communications for offline awareness.
  • Volunteer developers to accelerate project speed

Please summarize your other programs, outcomes, and goals in 200-300 words.

We will look into maintaining scrapers for other Wikimedia projects, applying the same objectives for WikiVoyage and the Wiktionary.


See also Kiwix/Quarterly_goals_18-19



  • GSoC (development intern) Done
  • Hire contract NodeJS and Python developers Done
  • Developer hackathon @Google with Android focus Done


  • Kiwix desktop 2.1
  • Hire contract UX designer and Android developer Done
  • Topical zim file generation Done
  • MW Offliner maintenance Done
  • Kiwix Android maintenance Done
  • Publish strategy for Customer audience (e.g. NGOs) Done



  • Automation of zim file generation (output 2) Done
  • GCI (development intern) Done
  • Android (output 3 & 4) Done


  • June: Kiwix desktop 3.0 Not done
  • June: developer hackathon Done
  • June: GServe (development intern) Done


  • Monthly check in with Anne Gomez & Jorge Vargas
  • Quarterly goals on-wiki (location to be determined)
  • Participation in WMF quarterly check-ins
  • End-of-year / final report