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Kumusha Bus Ghana

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Kumusha Bus Ghana is a short, intense intervention that is designed to educate several communities in Africa about the Open Movement the Africa Center .This is intended Intended to rollout across Africa, this adaptation of Libre Bus in Ghana.

Outcomes expected[edit]

  1. Introducing Ghanaian new audiences and potential users and contributors to the benefits of the Open Movement and the specific projects that are part of that movement.
  2. Publishing all relevant materials on Wikipedia, contributing to adding vital information about Africa’s communities onto Wikipedia.
  3. Adding to the Kumusha Takes Wiki Website as an online, easily accessible website that will host and display the community’s contributions, including that which is not suitable for Wikipedia.
  4. Acquisition of various skills for the participants: information literacy, ICT literacy, netizenship, critical thinking and communication skills,
  5. An increase in international profile and activity of those individuals and communities.
  6. Encouraging cultural tourism and economic activity via the dissemination of up-to-date relevant community knowledge, cultural insights and understanding.
  7. Drawing communities together. The project facilitates community building around local heritage and knowledge, with positive benefits for local and international partnership development.

Possible extensions of the outcomes:

  • Create a mini-documentary of the process
  • Create a printed booklet of guidelines on "hosting a Kumusha Bus in your country" (further dissemination of the project)
  • Provide training for more participation

People involved[edit]

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