Kurdish Wikipedia Editathon - 2023

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Kurdish Wikipedia Editathon - 2023

Kurdish Wikipedia Editathon - 2023 is a collaborative project by Kurdish Wikimedians dedicated to creating new, high-quality articles in Kurdish Wikipedia. This editathon aims to bring together experienced users and newcomers with the specific objective of expanding the knowledge base in both the Sorani and Kurmanji dialects through the creation of new, well-researched articles.

All individuals capable of writing on Kurdish Wikipedia are welcome to contribute on any topic. However, the project particularly encourages participation from those passionate about Kurdish culture, history, and language. Whether you're a seasoned editor or someone eager to make their first contribution, this editathon offers a welcoming space for you to share your expertise or embark on a new learning journey. Users can propose and create articles on topics of their interest, all with the goal of enhancing the quality of content available on Sorani Kurdish Wikipedia (ckbwiki) Kurmanji Kurdish Wikipedia (kuwiki).

Participation not only provides the opportunity to earn fantastic prizes as a recognition of your contributions but also allows contributors to enrich the availability of information in Kurdish on both ckbwiki and kuwiki by translating content from other Wikipedias.

The editathon will commence on December 1, 2023, and will run until the end of December 31, 2023. Join us in this exciting month-long journey to create new, high-quality articles and enrich the Kurdish Wikipedia on both ckbwiki and kuwiki.

Get started by registering your username and reading the instructions. For that, navigate through the tabs above, and let's make a difference together.