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This is part of LSS, a mailing list summary service. It is a summary of foundation-l. Most posts whose authors are named have links to the full e-mail in the archive. However not every post is archived and the archive itself is so unstable that the urls will periodically be reassigned breaking the links in this summary. While edits to correct inaccuracies are welcome, changes to style or focus should first be discussed on the talk page. Decisions on whether to refer to people by their Wikipedia handle or their email name is arbitrary and may not be completely internally consistent. Some genders may be accidentally incorrect.Incorrect or not, this standard is used all around the net, for business or projects.

This issue covers (roughly) 2007 January 15-21

  • Disscusion continues about the inclusion of both non-comercial and fair use images. [1] effeietsanders asks for a guideline from WMF about where the boundaries are for acceptable copyrights within which communities can make there own choices and suggests the discussion be moved to Meta where it can me more structured.
  • [2] Łukasz 'TOR' Garczewski informs the list of an Wikipedia Art Contest in honor of Wikipedia Day.
  • [3] Anthere informs the list the fundraiser has ended, and that on it's final day the 1 million dollar mark was reached. Fundraising and finances were discussed during the board meeting and Jimmy, Kat, and Erik are going to take the lead on fundraising issues. She notes that there were huge improvements from the last fundraiser (in particular the technical part), but also serious gaps in communication. She thanks everyone for their help with the fundraiser.
  • [4] Andrew Gray informs the list that text from w:eo:L. L. Zamenhof has been used in the design of an Israeli stamp.
  • [5]Zanimum informs the list that there is now a mailing list for the discussion of the founding of a Canadian Chapter at wikimedia-ca at Disscusion wil first be in English.
  • [6]thomasasta informs the list that wikiseek, a search engine unafiliated with WMF that restricts itself to Wikipedia and links found on Wikipedia, has been released. Disscusion follows on the pros and cons of various search engines existing and proposed which are all unaffiliated with WMF. After this same disscusion continues under several different subject titles,[7] Anthere asks the list to limit the topics of discussion to WMF and disscuss other organiztions on other lists. [8]thomasasta responds by requesting $10,000 from the WMF to start an open source search engine. He recieves no posistive reponses from the list.
  • [9] Anthere informs the list of the latest resolution concerning the Audit Committee in 2007 will consist of herself as ex officio, Michael as treasurer, Oscar, and Dedalus (an auditor who previously volunteered his expertise last Nov). The committe is to write a charter, drafts semi-annual reviews, work to implement the recommendations of the last audit, and prepare for the next audit.
  • [10] There was some discusion of the aesthetics of the wording of fundraiser thank-you notice.
  • [11]GerardM suggests less hostility be shown towards Google because the success of Wikipedia is in part due to their rankings. Discussion follows as to whether credit should be given to Google for acting like a capitalistic corporation, and whether Google has been a positive or negative influence on the Open Content (not Open Source) movement.
  • [12] David Gerard informs the list that a third-party WAP translator has shut down and suggests WMF operate its own WAP server as a fee-based service. Several people point out other third-party WAP translators that are still in operation.
  • [13] Virgil Ierubino suggests Wikisyntax be allowed as programing feature within templates in MediaWiki.
  • [14] David Gerard forwards an email from wikien-l informing of problems with w:WP:OFFICE. An editor was told a rewrite of a protected page must be "cleared with foundation" but no mechanism exists for doing that. [15] EC suggests the WMF establish protocols for handling issues with legal implication like copyrights and office complaints.