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  • What is this? A summary of the topics discussed on the mailing list foundation-l, grouped roughly by topic & chronological thread.
  • Time period: May 1-31, 2009
  • NOTES: Each link is to the first post on that topic in the selected time period that was found. In the effort to group topics together, some threads are listed out of chronological order.
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  • Announcements: Topics that are official WMF board, staff or chapter announcements or reports are also underlined.
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  1. Announcements and reports
    1. WMF job posting: Strategic planning project manager [1]
    2. WMF job posting: Research analyst[2]
    3. WMF job posting: Facilitator [3]
    4. Wikimania 2010 will be in Gdansk! [4] Congratulations to Gdansk: [5]
    5. Usability report posted[6]
    6. Usability initiative hiring software developer [7]
    7. 2007 form 990 posted [8]
    8. call for volunteers for 2009-2010 audit committee [9]
    9. Chapter board seats filled [10]
    10. information about the upcoming 2009 elections [11]
  2. Licensing
    1. Licensing update [12], split to number of active editors [13]
    2. licensing update board resolution [14]
    3. 3rd party relicensing, GFDL deadlines [15]
  3. Chapters and community
    1. Strategic planning: what timescale should it happen on? (thread fork) [16]
    2. Strategic planning: what it might cover (from Stu West) [17]
    3. Is all this Board travel really necessary/green? [18]
    4. Cross-wiki articles: if an article is notable in one language is it notable in another? [19]
    5. How the Foundation should support community work [20]
    6. Long-term archiving of Wikimedia content [21]
    7. Wikimedia Italia prizes [22]
    8. How to provide corrections and make them stick -- quality metric [23]
    9. strategic planning -- sharing textbook knowledge [24]
    10. Bureaucrat best practices [25]
    11. commons and sexual imagery [26], [27], [28], wp not censored: [29]
    12. split from above: what is the main purpose of Wikimedia? [30]
    13. pt.wp policies, discrimination against editors [31]
    14. embassies sponsor article writing contests [32]
    15. mbimmler, longtime contributor says goodbye [33]
    16. proposing distributing offline copies of wikipedia, with readers & translation [34]
    17. How to get Wikipedia to the next 5B people [35]
  4. Languages and localization
    1. localizationupdate testing [36]
  5. Miscellaneous/other
    1. how are images from Wikimedia invates La Plata Museum getting categorized? [37]
    2. Murdoch newspaper websites going behind paywall [38]
    3. Wikipedian groups on Linkedin [39]
    4. Wikipedia downtime in the news? [40]
    5. Dutch open educational resources [41]
    6. proposal to open the search box to outside entities [42]
    7. Vancouver open source standards [43]
    8. Google Chrome will support Ogg Theora natively [44]
    9. Google Wave and Wikipedia [45]