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Initial set of languages[edit]

WM code Name Full name
1 aa Afar Afar language
2 ab Abkhazian Abkhazian language
3 af Afrikaans Afrikaans language
4 ak Akan Akan language
5 als Alemannic Alemannic language
6 am Amharic Amharic language
7 an Aragonese Aragonese language
8 ang Anglo-Saxon Anglo-Saxon language
9 ar Arabis An teanga Arabis
10 arc Neo-Aramaic Neo-Aramaic language
11 as Assamese Assamese language
12 ast Asturian Asturian language
13 av Avar Avar language
14 ay Aymara Aymara language
15 az Azerbaijani Azerbaijani language
16 ba Bashkir Bashkir language
17 bar Bavarian Bavarian language
18 bat-smg Samogitian Samogitian language
19 be Belarusian Belarusian language
20 bg Bulgarian Bulgarian language
21 bh Bihari Bihari language
22 bi Bislama Bislama language
23 bm Bambara Bambara language
24 bn Bengali Bengali language
25 bo Tibetan Tibetan language
26 bpy Bishnupriya Manipuri Bishnupriya Manipuri language
27 br Breton Breton language
28 bs Bosnian Bosnian language
29 bug Buginese Buginese language
30 bxr Buryat Buryat language
31 ca Catalan Catalan language
32 cbk-zam Chavacano de Zamboanga Chavacano de Zamboanga language
33 cdo Eastern Min Eastern Min language
34 ce Chechen Chechen language
35 ceb Cebuano Cebuano language
36 ch Chamorro Chamorro language
37 cho Choctaw Choctaw language
38 chr Cherokee Cherokee language
39 chy Cheyenne Cheyenne language
40 co Corsican Corsican language
41 cr Cree Cree language
42 cs Seiceach An teanga Seicis
43 csb Kashubian Kashubian language
44 cu Old Church Slavonic Old Church Slavonic language
45 cv Chuvash Chuvash language
46 cy Welsh Welsh language
47 da Danmhairge An teanga Danmhairge
48 de Gearmánais An teanga Gearmánais
49 dv Divehi Divehi language
50 dz Dzongkha Dzongkha language
51 el Gréigis An teanga Gréigis
52 en Béarla An teanga Béarla
53 eo Esperanto Esperanto language
54 es Spanish Spanish language
55 et Eastóinis An teanga Eastóinis
56 eu Basque Basque language
57 fa Persian Persian language
58 ff Fula Fula language
59 fi Fionnlannais An teanga Fionnlannais
60 fiu-vro Võro Võro language
61 fj Fijian Fijian language
62 fo Faroese Faroese language
63 fr Fraincis An teanga Fhraincis
64 frp Arpitan Arpitan language
65 fur Friulian Friulian language
66 fy West Frisian West Frisian language
67 ga Gaeilge An teanga Ghaeilge
68 gd Scots Gaelic Scots Gaelic language
69 gl Galician Galician language
70 gn Guarani Guarani language
71 got Gothic Gothic language
72 gu Gujarati Gujarati language
73 gv Mannanais An teanga Mannanais
74 ha Hausa Hausa language
75 hak Hakka Hakka language
76 haw Hawaiian Hawaiian language
77 he Hebrew Hebrew language
78 hi Hindi Hindi language
79 ho Hiri Motu Hiri Motu language
80 hr Croatian Croatian language
81 hsb Upper Sorbian Upper Sorbian language
82 ht Haitian Haitian language
83 hu Ungáiris An teanga Ungáiris
84 hy Armenian Armenian language
85 hz Herero Herero language
86 ia Interlingua Interlingua language
87 id Indonesian Indonesian language
88 ie ex Occidental ex Occidental language
89 ig Igbo Igbo language
90 ii Yi Yi language
91 ik Inupiak Inupiak language
92 ilo Ilokano Ilokano language
93 io Ido Ido language
94 is Icelandic Icelandic language
95 it Iodáilis An teanga Iodáilis
96 iu Inuktitut Inuktitut language
97 ja Japanese Japanese language
98 jbo Lojban Lojban language
99 jv Javanese Javanese language
100 ka Georgian Georgian language
101 kg Kongo Kongo language
102 ki Kikuyu Kikuyu language
103 kj Kuanyama Kuanyama language
104 kk Kazakh Kazakh language
105 kl Greenlandic Greenlandic language
106 km Khmer Khmer language
107 kn Kannada Kannada language
108 ko Korean Korean language
109 kr Kanuri Kanuri language
110 ks Kashmiri Kashmiri language
111 ksh Ripuarian Ripuarian language
112 ku Kurdish Kurdish language
113 kv Komi Komi language
114 kw Cornish Cornish language
115 ky Kyrgyz Kyrgyz language
116 la Laidin An teanga Laidin
117 lad Ladino Ladino language
118 lb Luxembourgish Luxembourgish language
119 lg Luganda Luganda language
120 li Limburgish Limburgish language
121 lij Ligurian Ligurian language
122 lmo Lombard Lombard language
123 ln Lingála Lingála language
124 lo Laotian Laotian language
125 lt Liotuáinis An teanga Liotuáinis
126 lv Laitvis An teanga Laitvis
127 map-bms Banyumasan Banyumasan language
128 mg Malagasy Malagasy language
129 mh Marshallese Marshallese language
130 mi Māori Māori language
131 mk Macedonian Macedonian language
132 ml Malayalam Malayalam language
133 mn Mongolian Mongolian language
134 mo Moldovan Moldovan language
135 mr Marathi Marathi language
136 ms Malay Malay language
137 mt Máltais An teanga Máltais
138 mus Creek Creek language
139 my Burmese Burmese language
140 na Nauruan Nauruan language
141 nah Nāhuatl Nāhuatl language
142 nap Neapolitan Neapolitan language
143 nds Low Saxon Low Saxon language
144 ne Nepali Nepali language
145 new Nepal Bhasa/Newar Nepal Bhasa/Newar language
146 ng Ndonga Ndonga language
147 nl Dutch Dutch language
148 nn Norwegian Nynorsk Norwegian Nynorsk language
149 no Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål language
150 nrm Norman Norman language
151 nv Navajo Navajo language
152 ny chiChewa chiChewa language
153 oc Occitan Occitan language
154 om Oromo Oromo language
155 or Oriya Oriya language
156 os Ossetian Ossetian language
157 pa Punjabi Punjabi language
158 pag Pangasinán Pangasinán language
159 pam Kapampangan Kapampangan language
160 pap Papiamentu Papiamentu language
161 pdc Pennsylvania German Pennsylvania German language
162 pi Pāli Pāli language
163 pih Norfolk Norfolk language
164 pl Polainnis An teanga Polainnis
165 pms Piedmontese Piedmontese language
166 ps Pashto Pashto language
167 pt Poirtingéilis An teanga Phoirtingéilis
168 qu Quechua Quechua language
169 rm Romansh Romansh language
170 rmy Romani Romani language
171 rn Kirundi Kirundi language
172 ro Romanian Romanian language
173 roa-rup Aromanian Aromanian language
174 ru Russian Russian language
175 rw Rwandi Rwandi language
176 sa Sanskrit Sanskrit language
177 sc Sardinian Sardinian language
178 scn Sicilian Sicilian language
179 sco Scots Scots language
180 sd Sindhi Sindhi language
181 se Northern Sami Northern Sami language
182 sg Sängö Sängö language
183 sh Serbo-Croatian Serbo-Croatian language
184 si Sinhalese Sinhalese language
185 simple Simple English Simple English language
186 sk Slóvacais An teanga Slóvacais
187 sl Slóivéinis An teanga Slóivéinis
188 sm Samoan Samoan language
189 sn Shona Shona language
190 so Somali Somali language
191 sq Albanian Albanian language
192 sr Serbian Serbian language
193 ss Swati Swati language
194 st Southern Sotho Southern Sotho language
195 su Sundanese Sundanese language
196 sv Swedish Swedish language
197 sw Swahili Swahili language
198 syr Syriac Syriac language
199 ta Tamil Tamil language
200 te Telugu Telugu language
201 tet Tetum Tetum language
202 tg Tajik Tajik language
203 th Thai Thai language
204 ti Tigrinya Tigrinya language
205 tk Turkmen Turkmen language
206 tl Tagalog Tagalog language
207 tn Tswana Tswana language
208 to Tongan Tongan language
209 tokipona Tokipona Tokipona language
210 tpi Tok Pisin Tok Pisin language
211 tr Turkish Turkish language
212 ts Tsonga Tsonga language
213 tt Tatar Tatar language
214 tum Tumbuka Tumbuka language
215 tw Twi Twi language
216 ty Tahitian Tahitian language
217 udm Udmurt Udmurt language
218 ug Uyghur Uyghur language
219 uk Ukrainian Ukrainian language
220 ur Urdu Urdu language
221 uz Uzbek Uzbek language
222 ve Venda Venda language
223 vec Venetian Venetian language
224 vi Vietnamese Vietnamese language
225 vls West Flemish West Flemish language
226 vo Volapük Volapük language
227 wa Waloon Waloon language
228 war Waray-Waray Waray-Waray language
229 wo Wolof Wolof language
230 wuu Wu Wu language
231 xal Kalmyk Kalmyk language
232 xh Xhosa Xhosa language
233 yi Yiddish Yiddish language
234 yo Yorùbá Yorùbá language
235 za Zhuang Zhuang language
236 zh Chinese Chinese language
237 zh-classical Classical Chinese Classical Chinese language
238 zh-min-nan Southern Min Southern Min language
239 zh-yue Cantonese Cantonese language
240 zu Zulu Zulu language

Additional languages[edit]

Add here languages which are not in the list. Please, if you add it into your language file, change the template, too.

WM code Name Full name
1 dsb Lower Sorbian Lower Sorbian language
2 crh Crimean Tatar Crimean Tatar language
3 myv Erzya Erzya language
4 ext Extremaduran Extremaduran language
5 gan Gan Gan language