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Изучение и оценка

Есть что-то не очень понятное по теме развития?

Вам требуется поддержка?

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Connect with fellow evaluators and program coordinators!

JAnstee (WMF)

Lead Strategist, Global Data & Insights team at the Foundation. Leads team's work on global equity landscape.

DNdubane (WMF)

Monitoring & Evaluation Strategist, Global Data & Insights team at the Foundation. Leads team's work on Affiliate Insights

RMaung (WMF)

Senior Strategist, Global Data & Insights team at the Foundation. Leads team's work on Community Insights.

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The Evaluation portal is a collaborative effort of Фонд Викимедиа Learning and Evaluation team, under the Community Engagement department, and community leaders. The L&E team shares a common interest: working with the Wikimedia community to strengthen their evaluation abilities and skills in order to empower the organizations within the movement (chapters and affiliates ) and to improve the impact of programs (i.e. edit-a-thons, workshops, Wikipedia Education Program, Wiki Loves Monuments, GLAM partnerships) produced by the Wikimedia community, regardless of affiliation.

If you'd like to learn more about the creation of the portal, and be involved in further improvements, please visit the Sitemap .


Hi! My name is Maria Cruz and I am the Communications & Outreach Coordinator. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about resources or would like support with evaluating your program!

Email me at eval@wikimedia.org

Команда обучения и развития

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