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Process Evaluation

FDC: FDC feedback plan
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Program Evaluation


Overview of datadumps available: Research:Data

Please help by filling this in with your favorite tools!

Tool Evaluation Type Programs that may use this tool
Page View counter per article Count # of pageviews for a given page in a given language
  • Mobile
Wikipedia article traffic statistics Evolution of pageviews hits for given pages (up to three) on Wikipedia in a given language (wraps the previous one)
SUL data This script gives a list of every account using a specified name on WMF wikis, and displays SUL data if accounts have been merged.
  • Editing campaigns
  • Scholarship programs
Userstats Userstats is aimed at making it easy to collect statistics about a set of wikipedia editors and compare patterns in those statistics between different groupings (cohorts) of those editors
  • Education Program
  • Outreach Events
Multi user info This tool will give informations about up to 75 users in a csv spreadsheet, such as which articles they have edited, total number of edits etc.
  • Education Program
  • Wikipedia in general
Google Forms This tool is a good way to run evaluation surveys for end users and/or organizers. Drawback is that it cannot easily be translated for multilingual purposes. Mostly helpful to collect subjective data and suggestions anonymously.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments organizers survey
  • ...
Wikilint Simple grammar questions, EN and DE
  • Education Program
Watcher How many users watch one peticular article
  • Education Program
WikiSense Contributors Who contributed to one peticular article, and how often
  • Education Program
Mobile Page Views per Country Page view monthly totals to mobile site, and from mobile devices, listed by country
  • Mobile
Mobile Page Views per Language Page view monthly totals to mobile site for each language Wikipedia
  • Mobile
Most read languages per country Percentage of traffic from country to different language Wikipedias (mobile + non-mobile combined)
  • Mobile
Wikistream Live Edits Live stream of edits, filter-able by language, to Wikipedia (used in overview presentations)
  • Mobile
Article count per language List of all Wikipedia langauges and number of articles for each
  • Mobile
... ... ...

Tracking participation in WikiProjects


Metrics to track for new editors who are invited to WikiProject Medicina.

data point description notes
user name the name of the user
user id the id of the user
user registration datetime when the user created an account
invite datetime the date and time that the invitation was sent
user editcount at invite date how many edits the user had made at the time they were invited this is not necessary, but is much easier collect it from the user_editcount column in the user table at the time you send the invitation than to try to calculate it later.
first revision to WikiProject Medicina article revision id of the edit the user made that caused them to be automatically invited this will be useful later for answering questions like What Medicine articles do new users edit? and Do new editors go back and edit the same Medicine articles after they join the project?