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Learning and Evaluation/Wikiresearch webinars

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Learning and Evaluation

Wikiresearch Webinars




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Part 1: Beyond Wikimetrics


date: July 16 2014

MySQL overview

MySQL query examples

select page_title from enwiki_p.page where page_touched > 20140716000000

translation: “computer, give me the names of all the wikipedia pages that have been edited today”

select distinct rev_user_text
from enwiki_p.revision
where rev_comment
like "%Wikipedia Adventure%"
limit 10

translation: "computer, give me a list of 10 users who have played The Wikipedia Adventure"

select distinct rev_user_text, user_editcount
from enwiki_p.revision as r
inner join enwiki_p.user as u on
r.rev_user_text = u.user_name
where rev_comment
like "%Wikipedia Adventure%"
limit 10

translation: "computer, give me a list of 10 users who have played The Wikipedia Adventure and their current edit counts"

API overview

API request examples

Part 2: Becoming Wikimetrics


In the second part of our series, we will learn how to write and run MySQL queries against the Wikimedia MySQL databases. The replica databases hosted on Wikimedia Cloud VPS allow you to ask questions about what is happening on Wikimedia projects such as "how many people have edited articles that I created?" and get back a precise answer in the form of data. A new tool called Quarry will help us ask and answer these questions together.

This session will be more interactive than the first session: you will have the opportunity to write and run your own queries, and collect your own data! Veteran query-wranglers will be standing by in #wikimedia-researchconnect ready to answer any questions you might have, and to help you if you get stuck.

Explanatory queries
Example queries

Part 3: Building on Wikimetrics


In our third session, we will talk about the Python programming language, and the JSON and CSV data storage formats. We will walk step by step through several example research "projects" that involve downloading MySQL results from Quarry and using Python to combine the data with other results available through the MediaWiki API and the stats.grok.se pageview API.

Python scripts and sample CSVs for today's exercises

folder of Python scripts. Download this file, unzip it, and place it on your desktop.

Setting up and running Python scripts
Challenge queries
Python research project queries
Sample API requests
Data visualization

Getting help




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Research tools







Setup and practice