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Wikidata density map 2020
Wikidata density map 2020

Where are we currently?

In 2019, Wikimedia Deutschland and the Wikimedia Foundation published strategy papers for Wikidata and the Wikibase Ecosystem for the first time, incorporating in them not just their conversations but also the themes that had been discussed in the communities throughout the years. These papers proved to be extremely valuable as a starting point for conversations with the communities, with partners inside and outside of the movement, and within our organizations.

A good two years later, Wikidata and the Wikibase Ecosystem have grown even more in importance and in complexity. Thus we felt we were ready for a thorough update of these strategies.

Who is this for?

We have laid out our strategy in these pages as a jumping-off point for feedback, conversation and cooperation among the Wikidata and Wikibase communities, the various chapters and affiliates of the movement, the Wikimedia Foundation and all others striving toward a world with free and open knowledge. This strategy will inform the work of Wikimedia Deutschland, and hopefully of others as well.

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We have structured our thoughts into three distinct sections:

  • The joint vision section addresses our overall Linked Open Data work, spanning both Wikidata and the Wikibase ecosystem. Our vision propels us towards a future in which people share the power to collect and organize the data that shapes humanity's understanding of the world.
  • The Wikidata platform section handles enabling the creation of apps and services that rely on the general purpose data of Wikidata. This section also includes Wikidata’s support for lexicographical data and the other Wikimedia projects.
  • The Wikibase Ecosystem section discusses the co-creation of a decentralized knowledge graph that not only makes more data available but also supports the creation of new knowledge.