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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
ReasonNo awnser since 2014

It is a live search front-end that uses OpenSearch API. Like Google Live search, it instantaneously starts showing articles as the user starts typing a query in the search field. It offers the next possible suggestions, presumably using the existing incremental-find option of any typed-in entry.

With the advent of many large online websites offering Live search, it is a project worth considering for Wikipedia. The front-end could be customized and tweaked a bit to fit in with the existing projects.

This live search tool can have a great impact on projects like Wiktionary, even consolidating multiple language versions into one.

Proposed by


Originally developed by Shrey Gokani, with support and guidance from Wikimedia India. The project is already hosted by Wikimedia India. It is a live search project, that can have a great impact on Wikipedia viewership.

It was recently announced by the Indian chapter and forwarded to majority of the relevant mailing lists.

Alternative names

  • live.wikipedia.org
  • live.wikimedia.org
  • live.wiktionary.org
  • [1] Existing Live version hosted by Wikimedia India
  • live.wiktionary.org

Domain names

  • live.wikipedia.org


  • [2] Live version hosted by Wikimedia India.

People interested

  2. Shrey Gokani
  3. Jaydeep Palekar
  4. Arvind Jain
  5. Ankit Sheth
  6. Siddharth Patel
  7. Milind Sagar
  8. Ankur Lakhani
  9. Suraj ahir
  10. Ravi Soni
  11. Ronak Jain
  12. Samarth Delvadia
  13. Bhargav Padhiyar
  14. Nikunj Sonecha
  15. Prakash Satyani
  16. Bhavik Gautami
  17. Vivek Bhalala
  18. Bhautik Popat
  19. Harsh Patel
  20. Harshit Champaneri
  21. Rabinder Devnani
  22. Kashish Gala