Local blacklists and whitelists

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A local blacklist and whitelist is part of the spam blacklist extension. Each wiki using mediawiki and the spam blacklist extension has a local blacklist and whitelist. Only administrators of that wiki can modify the blacklist and whitelist pages. If you are a user who wants a link added to the blacklist and whitelist of a particular wiki, you should post a request on the talk page of the spam blacklist and whitelist pages. If the wiki is small, it might also be a good idea to notify an admin, (use the community noticeboard, or village pump).

Finding it[edit]

The page for the blacklist and whitelist can be found at http://xxxx.yyyy.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist or http://xxxx.yyyy.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist , where xxxx is the wiki's language code, and yyyy is the type of wiki (wikipedia, wikibooks, wikinews, wikisource, wiktionary, etc). To clarify the basic format is http://YOURWIKI/wiki/MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist -and- http://YOURWIKI/wiki/MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist .