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Lua deployments

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This page is about deployment of Scribunto to Wikimedia wikis. Scribunto is a MediaWiki extension which allows templates to be written in the Lua scripting language.

Please submit feedback regarding the deployment to the talk page.


  • The deployment is not expected to be disruptive: it will just enable a new functionality. The main problem would be if the deployment had to be canceled, in which case templates already converted to Lua will need to be reverted to their previous versions.
  • As you convert templates, remember that there is now a "Template preview" feature available when you edit templates. It allows you to preview the result of a template on a page that uses it.
  • We will try to provide support in the days following initial deployment on #wikimedia-techconnect. If you need further help, ask your fellow Wikimedians on your Village Pump and we will try to watch them as well.
  • English Wikipedia has set up a space where templates can be requested and discussed at w:Wikipedia:Lua requests.

Batch #1 - February 18 2013, 23:00-01:00 UTC[edit]

  • wikipedia:
    • en
    • fr
    • hu
  • en.wikisource
  • cswiktionary, cswikisource, cswikiquote, cswikibooks, cswikinews
  • en.wiktionary & any other big Wiktionaries, most likely:
    • fr
    • zh
    • lt
    • ko
    • ru
    • tr
    • pl


Batch #2 - week of March 11, 2013 (most likely Wednesday 13th)[edit]

Roll out to ALL remaining (Wikimedia) wikis is planned for this batch. If your wiki was not deployed to even though listed in batch #1, we are sorry. Please wait for batch #2.

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