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Visit the subscription page to be added to the WikimediaAnnounce-l list.

WikimediaAnnounce-l is a moderated, email list distribution system for notable updates and reports from representatives of the world-wide Wikimedia movement. This includes the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia chapters or other affiliated entities, and occasionally individuals or groups of volunteers. It is the primary, recommended, publicly archived dissemination mechanism for news and updates across Wikimedia.


Wikimedia Announce is not an open, public discussion list. The intention is to provide a simple, opt-in, subscription-based list where people can be rapidly notified of timely announcements and upcoming events, and where the traffic is lower than on discussion lists like Wikimedia-l. All postings to WikimediaAnnounce-l should get automatically forwarded to Wikimedia-l.

For public discussion of the topics announced on the list, use Wikimedia-l or other relevant mailing lists. If you respond to an email distributed through the list, your email will be directed to the Wikimedia-l mailing list.

Examples of posted information include:

  • Press releases from the Foundation or chapters
  • Wikimedia Foundation reports
  • Chapter reports
  • Participation announcements for global Wikimedia meet-ups such as Wikimania
  • Information about other events around the world of significance to the Wikimedia movement
  • Major announcements about technology implementation on our projects
  • Election or voting related news
  • Board of Trustees communications
  • Important new blog posts from the Wikimedia Blog or other Wikimedia-related blogs
  • Publication of new issues of the Wikipedia Signpost, Wikizine, and other community newsletters
  • New WMF partnerships
  • New WMF staff

Who moderates the list?[edit]

Currently: Wikimedia Foundation staff, primarily from the communications and programming area. In the future, possibly also volunteers, from the chapters, the communications committee, and the global community. Ariggs0919

How to have your listing posted on Wikimedia Announce[edit]

  • Send submissions to WikimediaAnnounce-l(_AT_)
  • Or send an email to the moderators, communications(_AT_)

Submission guidelines[edit]

  • For upcoming events, submit at least 7 days in advance of the event. The more notice the better
  • Please try to keep postings concise. Provide links to other pages for more information
  • The list is published in English, but links to translated information and relevant sources are encouraged
  • Plain text only
  • Use plain language writing. Keep things simple and focused.

RSS feeds[edit]

The unofficial Gmane version provides RSS feeds, which can be accessed at the page