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Maithili Wikimedians User Group/Events/Wiki Loves Individual

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Wiki Loves Individual

Wiki Loves Individual (Nepal) (WLI) is a article writing self-competition (challenge) to promote & develop Maithili Wikipedia and Wikidata around the World. With the support of volunteers from Wikimedia Maithili, this is the first appearance of its kind in 2018. The supreme aim of the project is to increase the number of articles in both terms either qualitative or quantitative at Maithili Wikipedia. Apart from the supreme aim, the project also visualize to develop the items, statements at Wikidata.

Wiki Loves Individual basically mean that "Wiki loves an individual effort" or "Wiki loves a single human effort". Efforts for developing and promoting Wikipedia and Wikidata or else another Wikimedia Project.



Event goal[edit]

  • To increase number of articles in Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To develop level of Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To develop the items of Wikidata,
  • To promote the contribution of local contents in Maithili Wikipedia,
  • Establish and consolidate the existence of the Maithili Wikimedians in Nepal.


  • Number of articles created or improved : 100+
  • Number of items improved at Wikidata : Below 100
  • Recruit new editor(s)


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