Making offline copy from Ultimate Wiktionary and dicologos

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CD/DVD this might be used for promotion or for use in regions / situations with difficult online access)

see also for not wiktionary specific things Wikipedia_on_CD/DVD

Strip it from webpage[edit]

  1. make apropriate interface on webserver
  2. have a list of all wanted lemmas to give download tool (e.g. httrack)
  3. add modified start page (modification for search page needed (put searchentry via javascript to url parameter (= relative filename in dir)))
  4. add a page for non matching entries with further information and links to the online version


  • only one development for online and CD/DVD (application and data)
  • same look and feel for users , seamless integration to online version
  • no OS problems


  • perhaps no special searches offline

to do / check out[edit]

  • have to check out httrack for offline copy for the universities, will do this this week --MartinMai 18:22, 3 October 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • how big, performance

make extra application for CD/DVD[edit]

  • feel free to add programms...

Concepts for a dedicated "MediaWiki" client application with live update and patrolling tools[edit]

Lots of new ideas just made by me that may interest you, and those interested in the project of creation of Wikipedia CD/DVD, and the need to better patrol the contents, work better in teams with supervizors, and enforce the copyright and national legal restrictions.

These new concepts concerns ALL Mediawiki projects, not just those hosted by the Fundation and not just Wikipedia.

See the discussion just started here:
Wikipedia on CD/DVD#Concepts for a dedicated "MediaWiki" client application with live update and patrolling tools.

Most probably a new great project to build.

verdy_p 12:10, 16 November 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]