Marathi Wikipedia Workshop at Willingdon College, Sangli

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CIS-A2K has collaborated with Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha of Govt.of Maharashtra for Wikipedia Workshops during Marathi Fortnight - 1st to 15th Jan 2018. The programs will continue till Marathi Bhasha Day on 27th Feb. We have already built partnerships with all these institutions before. We have selected active institutions. CIS-A2K is acting as technical resource agency for the workshop.


  1. To introduce Wikipedia as an encyclopedia for research and a concept to new editors.
  2. To Promote Marathi Wikipedia Community & promote the use of regional languages in Wikipedia.
  3. To have an open interaction within the editors, existing as well as new.
  4. To spread the awareness of Wikipedia as a powerful tool.


Expert Trainer[edit]

  • Subodh Kulkarni, Program Associate - CIS-A2K


  • Prof.Vishnu Wasamkar


Date : 5th January 2018
Time : 11am to 5PM
Place : Sangli,Maharashtra,India
Venue : Willingdon College
Participants :60


The workshop was aimed at introduction to Wikimedia Projects and creating/editing Wikipedia articles. Participants were completely unaware about Marathi Wikipedia and editing. They were trained in basic editing skills and search for the concerned articles,giving inter-wiki links& references, categorisation and translation from other language wikipedias. Participants worked on new and existing articles and made around 250 edits.

Participants (Usernames)[edit]

  1. Amrut 1993
  2. Aditya Sadashiv Mali 
  3. विवेक वामन काटीकर 
  4. Onkar Jadhav 
  5. प्राजक्ता कुलकर्णी 
  6. Manohar kore 
  7. Mahadev dadarav thombare 
  8. Sanjay Shirude 
  9. विजय चांगदेव बेदरे 
  10. बाबासाहेब 2 
  11. दामोदर दशरथ वाघमारे 
  12. Gouri dixit 
  13. पाटील निशा 
  14. भाग्यश्री संजय मोहिते 
  15. विष्णू वासमकर

Photo gallery[edit]