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Just some links I found browing. Feel free to add proposed case studies or projects.

Wikipedia+T-shirts w:Wikipedia+T-shirts We should probably relocate this and other businesss back and front office functions here from the Wikipedia? Was this ever ratified (see w:ratification) or does an appropriate w:Autocrat so dictate or approve.? user:mirwin

Jimbo and Larry, I hope you do mind the easy familiarity. Some headsup data links and a proposed word change to the submit button.


A potential lucrative market and major boost for the Basque/Spanish iw. w:Talk:Libertarian_socialism/Todo

The work force in these coops NEED your technology and access to the a Spanish encyclopedia to exercise their franchise properly against a management echelon apparently (to me) getting greedy, cliquish, mutually admiring etc. between the bank and business venture managers. CORRUPTION is setting in.

It is my thought that the ability of this technology to dissemate information effectively asynchrnously and allow it to start as inchoate ill informed opinion and then mutate and improve with mutual editing could restore the past strength of this social/economic experiment.

Setup, remote admins, consulting, moderating (NPOV), remote research, brainstorm/product improvement, etc. could all be revenue centers without charging for the online service, database, and periodic synch. Any way I thought you and Larry should discuss concept and ask for the communities collaboration if appropriate.

I am attempting to set up a QA/QC process for the extreme long term benefit of maintaining our GPL'd codebase and all software and data necessary to establish a mirror or fork. I will get this organized at meta as I have time. I am aggressively recruiting assistance amongst friends that stand to benefit from the free encyclopedia to "staff" by playing around so this should have no immediate impact on software development efforts unless they percieve immediate value. user:mirwin