MediaWiki 1.3 comments and bug reports

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This page is kept for historical interest. Its content is outdated or may be wrong.

You may find more up-to-date information on the website.

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Please report bugs, issues, and feature requests for MediaWiki at MediaZilla

For emergency problems on Wikipedia & sister projects, try to contact the developers by IRC (#mediawiki on or on the wikitech-l mailing list (please subscribe to ensure that your message gets through and you receive replies).

Please be aware that you are more likely to get a response from a developer if you use the wikitech-l mailing list or IRC (#mediawiki on

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the level of service you are receiving from developers, please take note of the following facts:

  • Developers are not paid.
  • There are hundreds of unfulfilled feature requests.
  • There are thousands of users and only a small number of developers.
  • Developers may, at any time, be doing one or more of the following non-MediaWiki-related activities: working for money, holidaying, sleeping, eating (a doughnut for example), shaving, having a mid-life crisis, showering, watching a movie, skydiving, changing nappies, baking a cake, having their eyebrows pierced, studying, or climbing a tree.
  • There is no roster for developers to be on duty to answer questions.
  • No developer has entered into a contract to perform any service for you.

Users unhappy with the handling of the upgrade of Wikimedia sites to MediaWiki 1.3 may wish to contribute to a proposed upgrade procedure for future releases.

See MediaWiki 1.3 comments and bug reports/Archive for old bug reports.