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This article is less complete in its discussion of ISO character sets than the corresponding Help:Turkish characters. If anyone has sufficient knowledge, it would be great to bring it up to that standard.

The Romanian alphabet contains six letters not present in ISO-8859-1 and that will therefore present problems for use on old mediawiki wikis (all MediaWiki version 1.5 wikis including all wikimedia wikis are UTF-8). nor are four of them found in most readily available fonts, including those commonly used in Romania : upper- and lowercase "A" with breve, upper- and lowercase "S" with comma, and upper- and lowercase "T" with comma. These last used to be unified with and are still often substituted by the (slightly) more tractable upper- and lowercase "S" with cedilla and upper- and lowercase "T" with cedilla.

When authoring HTML or wikitext that uses the more unusual Romanian characters, the following information may be useful:

Upper case Lower case Upper case encoding Lower case encoding Notes
Ă ă Ă ă Considered correct
 â  â This has a standard HTML entity, so should present no problem.
Î î Î î This has a standard HTML entity, so should present no problem.
Ș ș Ș ș "s" with comma, considered less correct and not widely supported
Ş ş Ş ş "s" with cedilla, considered more correct
Ț ț Ț ț "t" with comma, considered less correct and not widely supported
Ţ ţ Ţ ţ "t" with cedilla, considered more correct

The following string may be useful to keep open in an editing Window to cut and paste when working on Romanian-language content:

  • Ă Â Î Ş Ţ ă â î ş ţ

There is extensive relevant discussion at ro:Discuţie Wikipedia:Limba română conţine diacritice; the discussion is in a mixture of English and Romanian.

See also Help:Special characters

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