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Comment Due to Wikimedia's move to Phabricator most of this page is outdated and only kept for historical reasons.
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The main page with documentation on Bugzilla is at mw:Bugzilla
See How to report a bug

Bug reports and feature requests related to the MediaWiki software which powers Wikimedia projects should be filed to Wikimedia's phabricator. Fabricator is a bug reporting tool and organization system used by many software projects.

For emergency problems on Wikipedia & sister projects, try to contact the developers by IRC #wikimedia-techconnect or on the wikitech-l mailing list (please subscribe to ensure that your message gets through and you receive replies).

You can easily link to bug reports on Phabricator by using the interwiki link [[phabricator:X]], where X is the bug number. For example, phabricator:T75914.

Useful queries[edit]

Lists of currently opened bugs (including feature requests):

  • Wikimedia (Configuration issues and other issues specific to Wikimedia servers, Wikimedia websites (including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Commons, and the MediaZilla bugtracker) and other Wikimedia specific things)
  • MediaWiki (The wiki software itself -- most issues about how the wiki works should go here)
  • MediaWiki extensions (Requests regarding MediaWiki extensions that are labeled general or unknown.)

Feature requests are called "enhancements" in Bugzilla jargon. 2004–2014 lists:

Search by votes (2004–2014):

Reminders for users[edit]

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the level of service you are receiving from developers, please take note of the following facts:

  • Most developers are not paid.
  • There are hundreds of unfulfilled feature requests, an ever growing number.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of users and only a small number of developers.
  • Developers don't work 24 hours a day, plus there are different timezones on this world.
  • Everyone wants to help, but no one has any obligation to fix all the bugs that you want fixed, or to answer all questions.
  • The MediaWiki and MediaWiki extensions products are not the correct places to report Wikimedia-specific issues/requests such as site configuration changes.

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