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GLAM Macedonia

Meet Russia is an editing month challenge for Wiki Club's members in the Republic of Macedonia, taking place from 1 February (00:01) to 28 February 2021 (23:59). It is organized by GLAM Macedonia with support of the Embassy of Russian Federation in Skopje.

Aim and framework[edit]

The aim of Meet Russia is to fill the content gap on Russian themes on Macedonian Wikipedia. All Wiki Club's members in the Republic of Macedonia are welcome to participate.

There are no fixed rules, except the following:

  • One has to be Wiki Club's member
  • The articles have to be on Russian themes
  • The articles could be newly created or improved existing ones

The best five participants will get their rewards and diplomas in March.


As a topic of articles are accepted all Russian themes: history, geography and culture of Russia and much more. The list of missing articles is sent to all Wiki Club members.


List of participants and their contributions can be found on the project page.


Meet Russia editing challenge finished with the result of 20 participants and 625 articles created on the topics about Russian history, culture, and more. The ceremony of giving the rewards to the best 5 participants took place on the 17th of March 2021. The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Skopje gave the rewards to participants according to the protocols of social distancing.

These are the best 5 editors:

1. Damjan Kirovski: 827 points
2. Ina pet: 507 points
3. Petar Barsa: 486 points
4. Krstevska123: 229.5 points
5. MikasaAckerman10: 202 points