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The 2018 Beijing Million Entries Celebration Party is an offline party organized by Mainland China's Chinese Wikipedia editors to celebrate the 1 million milestone of the Chinese Wikipedia on April 15th, 2018. Introducing Chinese Wikipedia and teaching novice were the main content, and participants also discussed some topics on technology, community, and so on. This is the fifth time this year that the Chinese mainland community has been holding public events and the second time in Beijing. Like the previous event, the event was held near China National Library.

Main Content[edit]

The cake
  1. Techyan and 維基小霸王, as experinced editors, explained the important rules of Wikipedia to novices.
  2. Celebrate Chinese Wikipedia's 1 million milestone simply, and cut cake. This idea came from the Taipei party before and after the 900,000 entries.
  3. Discussed the legalization of Wikipedia in mainland China (including the development of user groups, website accessibility issues, and the establishment of legal organizations).
  4. Some of Wikipedia's hot issues were discussed, such as Jasonnn~zhwiki, Lsjbot, and the introduction of the Classical Language Dispatch.
  5. Discussed other issues.
  6. The people who attended the meeting did some edits on site.



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