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Tokyo Editathon 1[edit]

Like other Wikipedias, the core community of the Japanese Wikipedia has always hoped to overhaul missing citations for important articles, which sometimes were overlooked behind the growth of the site. Following a call by User:Vigorous_action, we gathered at the Chiyoda public library, in the center of the Tokyo metropolis.

On January 28th, 2012, five attendees spent the whole three hours intensively adding citations to the Japanese Wikipedia. We had reserved a conference room with 6-8 sheets as a volunteer group (with no special cooperation with the staff at the library). All of the five were experienced Wikipedia editors and they were advised to find target articles and prepare resources in advance (we expected otherwise a 3-hour session would be too short to produce meaningful utcome). Each of us brought (or borrowed from the shelves) biographies, fact books and other kinds of resources, to carefully compare statements written on Wikipedia articles and those on the books. Subject areas we worked on range from linguistics and philosophy to biology and computer science. After finishing the work, we shared techniques to choosing articles with rather easy mprovements, finding missing citations from resources, and using tools like citation templates effectively.


2012-01-28, between 13:00 and 16:00 (UTC+9)


The Study Room 2 in the Chiyoda Public Library [1]


Collaboratively adding citations onto various articles in the Japanese Wikipedia (in the spirit of WP:V), and discussing in general about Wikimedia-related activities in the Tokyo region.

Call for participation and participants[edit]

See ja:Wikipedia:出典をつけよう大会/出典をつけよう大会in東京.


Five people came together. 33 citations were added onto 9 articles.

diff counts of
Akaniji [2] 5
JonathanSheffield [3] 4
Ks aka 98 [4] 3
whym [5] 9
Yukichi99 [6] 12

Post-editathon conversations[edit]

After the main conference, we had a coffee break [7] and supper [8]. Following topics were discussed.

  • Reflected how this offline meetup helped adding citations. We found:
    • Library is handy for looking up many solid reference works at once.
    • Verification in nature doesn't require collaboration so much.
    • Editathon dedicated to articles about the local area or institutions would be nice (like British Library editathon).
    • Also discussed about having online sessions in a similar spirit.
  • Next meetups in Tokyo? - possible ideas include Hanami, Tokyo Editathon 2, the Wikipedia Takes Tokyo.
  • Discussed about possibilities of participating Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, engaging local GLAM organizations near Tokyo.
  • Talked about creating a Wikimedian group in the Tokyo region to hold regular meetups like this is, and it was generally supported.
  • Anyone attend Wikimania 2012 Washington DC from the Tokyo region?
  • (will be enhanced)

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