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Meta:Full confirmation

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This is a proposal concerning the unpacking of the "edit fully protected page" functionality, typically reserved to Sysops, to a pseudo-user group. The incentive for this new user class comes from the frequent need for people here on Meta to request temporary adminship for the mere purpose of editing protected pages.

The edit protected page function could be dispensed by bureaucrats on request, with minimal drama and discussion, and providing good reason. Since edit wars are very rare on Meta, allowing trusted people who are not admins to edit protected pages should not cause problems. Abuse of the tool could very easily be reverted as a normal edit would be, and the user right stripped from the user.


An "autoconfirmed" user can edit semi-protected pages, among others. It seems therefore natural that the name for a user that can edit fully protected pages might be referred to as a "fully confirmed" user, and the process of receiving the right "full confirmation".


Just as the granting of the rollback function signifies that a non-admin has reached the peak of proficiency with the undo tool and should be able to wield the more efficient rollback without a problem, "full confirmation" demonstrates that a user has a sound editorial record and will only use the ability to edit more protected pages properly.

Things to work out[edit]

Discuss on the talk.
  1. Should the ability to move move-protected pages be rolled in?